This is a guest post from our friend Kimmy Smith, creator of the Fit Mummy Project

I believe that as a Mum one of the best things we can do for our health (both physically and mentally) is to move our body. I love to help Mums to build strength from the inside out so that they can feel energised and confident in their new body.

One of my biggest struggles is finding the time to exercise. I have so much time at home with my two girls and such small windows of opportunity to find some time to myself to work-out.

I created the Fit Mummy Project Post Natal Fitness and Wellbeing Program and soon to be released Fit Mummy Project App just for this reason! Postnatal workouts that Mums can do at anywhere and with very little or no equipment.

I wanted to share with you all a sneak peak into some of the workouts that will be featured on the Fit Mummy Project App. Workouts designed just for busy Mums. These ones are some of my favourites because you can do them with your baby.

These 3 ways to workout with your baby will help you to make the most of any opportunity.


To keep it really simple I have included 5 exercises for each workout. Just follow these 3 steps for an energising 10 minute workout.

  1. One Minute of each exercise.
  2. One Minute Rest.
  3. One Minute of each exercise.

Make sure you swap sides between each round so you don’t end up uneven.  If you have more time, you can repeat the whole series for a 20 minute workout.

Pram x Barre

This workout is amazing for helping you to feel strong and toned! It is perfect for the days where you need to walk your baby to sleep or for when you just need to get out of the house and get some fresh air.

  1. Squat Pulses in Parallel
  2. Lunge Pulses
  3. Single Leg Lifts
  4. Squat Pulses in 2nd Position
  5. Mini Push Ups

Baby Carrier Full Body Workout

Got a baby that can’t be put down? Try this full-body workout with your baby in a carrier. The added bonus is that the weight of your baby will increase the intensity of this workout!

  1. Squats
  2. Lunges
  3. Shoulder Press
  4. Tricep Dips
  5. Rows

Kimmy’s Tip: If you have a weak pelvic floor, these exercises are still safe to do for most Mums. If you are unsure or feel a heaviness or dragging in your pelvic region, then I would really advise you to go and seek support from a Women’s Health Physio.

Lounge Room Core + Butt Workout

I love this workout for helping Mums to restore their core. This workout is safe for any Mums with pelvic floor issues or stomach separation. But always check with your Women’s Health Physio if you are unsure about any exercises.

  1. Quad Extensions
  2. Donkey Kicks
  3. Modified Knee Repeaters
  4. Quad Push Ups
  5. Modified Side Plank

About Kimmy and the Fit Mummy Project

Kimmy is the founder of a postnatal fitness and wellness hub created to help Mums feel beautiful, fit and strong. Kimmy is the author of the Fit Mummy Project – the Complete Online Guide to Post Natal Fitness and Wellbeing. The Fit Mummy Project empowers new Mums to create a beautiful, strong and toned body with over 35 postnatal workouts, healthy recipes and meal plans, tips for postnatal weight loss and mindset tips for the Modern Mum.

She is also a Mummy to two beautiful girls, a former professional athlete, a personal trainer and yoga teacher specialising in postnatal health.

Connect with Kimmy on:
Facebook: @fitmummysquad
Instagram: @kimmysmithfit