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At my clinic, I get lots of questions from mums about how they can boost their energy levels and find their Mojo again. It can be so easy to fall into a rut and feel like your full time job is to look after your children, but my best piece of advice is to make sure you take some time to nurture yourself.  Read ahead for my top 7 tips to boost your Mummy Mojo.

OFB_Huggies_Photos_2017-12Banish the low-fat dairy

Full-fat dairy contains many vital fat-soluble nutrients such as Vitamin A, D, E and K and you can’t obtain these vitamins in such concentrations elsewhere. The mistake most women make is going for “low-fat” options. In doing this, you are missing out on essential vitamins and low-fat products are usually high in sugar or salt, and this isn’t ideal for a woman who is trying to get her Mojo back! Aim to eat a small amount of organic full-fat dairy each week.

Optimise Your Digestive Health

Probiotics are the ‘good’ bacteria that reside in our digestive systems and are the seat of our immunity. Lots of probiotics equate to a healthy, resilient immune system but these delicate organisms are depleted by the oral contraceptive pill, medications such as antibiotics, inadequate dietary fibre, alcohol and caffeine.

If you have ever had eczema, a urinary tract infection or thrush then you have felt the effects of a lack of probiotics. As around 85 percent of the immune system is located in the gut, having a functioning digestive system plays a fundamental role in supporting your wellbeing. If your digestion is out of whack, chances are you’ll be experiencing bloating, stomach or bowel irregularities along with other health problems and reduced immune function.

While traces of probiotics are found in foods such as yoghurt and miso, they are more effectively administered via a dietary supplement. Probiotics can also decrease the risk of allergies, asthma and food intolerances and help reduce the severity of colds and flu, so taking a probiotic daily will make finding and maintaining your Mojo much easier!

Increase your antioxidant and Superfood intake

Antioxidants are essential as they are our weapon against ageing. Antioxidants are found in cherries, blueberries, salmon, carrots, pumpkin, cranberries, pomegranates and artichokes. Superfoods have an incredibly high level of nutrients in them and you may have heard of some – raw cacao, Goji berries, Açaí berries, Maca, spirulina, chlorella, chlorophyll, bee pollen.

Stay cool, calm and collected with Magnesium

Magnesium can help ease stress levels, smooth out fine lines and reduce your risk factor for insulin resistance. Magnesium-rich foods include quinoa, oats, almonds, Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, spinach and navy beans.

Eat a little bit, often!

Eating five small meals per day will speed up your metabolism and ease the strain on your digestive system. Women often suffer from a sluggish thyroid gland post birth which slows down your basal metabolic rate or how fast you can burn calories. This results in fatigue, a tyre around the tummy, low libido and nil Mojo.

Eat a good size breakfast that contains a palm-sized portion of starchy carbohydrates and as the day progresses eat more protein. Dinner should consist of 50% protein and 50% complex carbohydrates in the form of salad or vegetables, not pasta, bread, potatoes or rice. Always avoid the starchy carbs after breakfast.

Find out if you have any nutritional deficiencies and avoid anti-nutrients at all costs

Women are often low on vitamin D (keeps our bones strong), iodine (essential for a healthy thyroid), zinc (vital for optimal hormone balance), iron (needed for energy) and vitamin B12 (is required to absorb iron from your diet). Ask your health care provider to check these essential nutrients as a deficiency will leave you feeling less than your sexy best.

Avoid anti-nutrients such as white sugar, white flour, caffeine and alcohol as these actually strip essential vitamins and minerals from your body as they are processed. The Japanese culture believe that white sugar is the most ageing substance that you can put in your body so think again the next time you reach for your sugar hit at 3pm!

Become a Mindful Eater

Mindful eating is the practice of being in the moment with your food. Before each meal or snack, take a moment to sit calmly and take five deep breathes. This has the effect of turning your digestive processes on. Simply notice the food and consider its colour, texture, aroma and then how it makes you feel afterwards. Are you bloated and feeling heavy or are you energetic and light? Tune in and connect with your body and it will soon be telling you what it needs instead of your head telling your body.


About Emma

Emma Sutherland is a successful mum, author and clinical naturopath and her mission in life is to inspire women to get their Mojo back. Her book “50 Foods That Will Change Your Life” is the ultimate guide to healthy eating for women. 

Emma is a regular media commentator and she has been extensively featured in radio and print media. Emma’s online presence is huge and in her popular blog she reveals the latest research information as well as tips and tricks to a life filled with Mojo.

A fully qualified Naturopath, Emma completed four years of training in Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Homoeopathy as well as a Bachelor of Health Science. She has over 15 years of experience in treating women and children at all stages of life. She has completed postgraduate training in women’s health and is a certified Infant Sleep Consultant. Emma is a registered Naturopath with membership to the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

Emma has recently launched, Studio You, a holistic health clinic specialising in Women’s Health and Paediatrics.