AngelRock Baby is a growing collection of natural products for your precious family.

As a professionally trained Babywearing Consultant, Celeste enjoys helping families choose and use various ways of carrying their baby, toddler or older child in a way that is both safe and enjoyable. In addition to internationally adored brands including Didymos, Hug-a-bub, LittleFrog and Manduca, AngelRock Baby is excited to launch their own collection of Australian handmade baby slings and wraps at One Fine Baby. Many of the products are hand made by Celeste and her team, including unique designs of Baltic Amber teething necklaces, Australian Applewood jewellery, and silicone teething necklaces.

Celeste shares with us below:

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What is your favourite way to spend time with the kids? 

We love taking our children to walk, play and splash around at the beach. It is a family tradition to talk to the Mermaids and say goodbye when it is time to go home. It is often just Mama and kidlets who take to the water’s edge, as Daddy has a wheelchair, so when our youngest child was still a baby or young toddler I often carried him so to have my hands free to play, examine shells and keep safe my older children.

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Who inspires you?

I am inspired by the many people who have strengths or talents I admire. In particular the Wheatley family from Mildura, VIC, inspire me in the way they use the power of their love for their children to find strength when they are exhausted, to cherish the precious moments of family life when they spend so much time and thought within the world of medical treatment, and their gracious and humble attitude in needing to ask for help so that their 6 yr old daughter Eva has the best chance to beat childhood cancer. Following their story prompts me to be a mother who never stops in the pursuit of meeting my children’s needs, who makes time for special memories, who doesn’t take these most precious years of baby, toddler, young childhood for granted, and it deepens my dedication to ensuring that my children grow up with kindness, respect and a generous heart for all they meet, as you never know what battles some people face.  Their story  can be read on Facebook.



What’s for breakfast?

My 6yr old daughter likes to refuse my offerings, but enjoys eating whatever I make for myself.  My 4yr old son has developed a taste for uncooked porridge with double honey. My 2yr old son is happy with any menu, so long as breakfast is followed by second breakfast!

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What’s your favourite thing to bake?

Birthday cakes… we have barely blown the candles out on the birthday cake of one child before I’m dreaming up the next one. Personal favourites have included a Mermaid at high and low tide, (never trust blue fairy floss not to dissolve!), a volcano with a marshmallow cloud of smoke, and a number 3 that was lying down as two train tunnels!

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What’s your favourite bedtime story?

Our favourite stories are made up by either Mama or Daddy and usually involve fairy princesses, bullet trains and motor cycles.

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What is your go to remedy for a tantrum?

Tantrums happen at a certain age, regardless of temperament, but some children do seem to be prone to more frequent melt downs. In our family it is our middle child who throws the most tantrums, often caused by hunger or tiredness. When we are away from home I often put him up on my back and keep going – I can feel his whole body relax as he just lets go of it. At home he has a harder time cooling down, but an offer of a cuddle and a cup of milk often help.

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