Backpacks with a clever compartment and gorgeous designs that all the kids in the playground will be jealous of and mums and dads will be thankful for.  Apple & Mint is an Australian owned company and create quirky eco-friendly lunch bags and backpacks for your trendy little hipster.

The bag has a separate compartment which is fitted with a removable cooling panel to keep the contents of the lunch bag cold and fresh for up to 8 hours! No longer will browned fruits, spoiled sandwiches and warm yoghurts return home at the end of the school day by ensuring your kids can eat the fresh food that you packed for them in the morning. A conscious move for your children’s health and also your pocket!  Apple & Mint is also conscious about the environment, and all their products are PVC/BPA free, lead-free, non-toxic, earth-friendly and reusable.

Check out all of Apple & Mint’s beautiful designs on their website, sure to be a hit for children of all ages.

IMG_6932 copy

IMG_7375 copy IMG_7471 copyWe chat to founder, Corinne to get a behind the scenes insight to the world of Apple & Mint:

What is your favourite way to spend time with the kids?

As long as we are all together, I don’t mind what we are doing.. We call Sunday in our house “Sunday Funday”, it’s all about just being a family and doing the things kids love the most.. Whether it be the beach, park, or heading into the Airport just to watch the planes fly over us. Just watching my girls play together is good enough for me.

Who inspires you?

Women in business! Women who run their own company, have children, run a household and do all the other crazy things we do on a daily basis are the ones that inspire me.. It’s proof that you can have it all and still achieve great things with hard work and dedication.


What’s for breakfast?

A banana and blueberry smoothie.. they are the best! And are a great way to start the day. My girls love them also

What’s your favourite thing to bake?

Baking isn’t really my thing.. I wish it was!

What is your go to remedy for a tantrum?

We’ve used the naughty corner a number of times.. Or we find taking their much loved toy from them works a treat!IMG_7118 copy
Choose your favourite backpack design from Apple & Mint for your little one here.