“Let’s drench our children’s rooms in colour with clean, modern designs….let’s steer clear of cliche baby colour schemes and themes …..let’s create a linen range for our children that is sophisticated yet so fun and friendly that it would be loved by babies, children and adults alike!”

And thats how our new nursery linen range In Bed with Fred was born. We are Alex, Erica and Jacinda – three Australian mothers who decided to take that leap of faith to fill the gap and bring you something fresh and bright for your nursery. We had a vision for a modern, colourful and illustrative linen collection and engaged with designer Kimmy Hogan to bring our vision to life. We are thrilled with our very first cot collection and we hope you are too. All of the products have been designed in Australia and made in India with the best quality linen available.

Alex, Erica & Jacinda x

We chat to the lovely girls behind the brand below:

Group Shot - OFB

Photographer: Emily Nelson

What is your favourite way to spend time with the kids?

Alex: For some strange reason my husband and kids don’t like the shops as much as me, doing anything outdoors keeps everyone happy. My husband and eldest son love 4W Driving – so thats a great day out together.

Erica: My daughter has just started walking, so anywhere child friendly (no steps) We love going to park or beach (depending on season). Somewhere outside where you can enjoy the fresh air

Jacinda: My husband has a ski boat and we have a great day when we go to the dam. My daughter is a water baby and loves to watch her dad wakeboarding and her mum face plant.

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Who inspires you? 

Alex : I’m inspired by my mum,  for many reasons. She certainly made working full time and looking after our family all look so easy. Now I’m a mum of two I have no idea (and in awe) how she kept the house clean and bought groceries, let alone put food on the table.

Erica: My daughter,  family & friends.

Jacinda: My baby girl. She inspires me to want to be the best person I can be and to work hard for her future. IBWF was created so we could all spend more time at home with our children.

Whats your favourite bedtime story?

Alex: My son has several fav’s , but at the moment we love “Where is the Green Sheep?” and “The Jungle Book”.

Erica: We are loving books at the moment, not just at bedtime. At the moment my daughter loves the book “I can do it myself” I have lost count with how many times I have read it to her. Having just turned 1 she also likes any books which are animated, have pop outs or different materials to feel.

Jacinda: My daughter is going through a Peppa Pig phase, so anything Peppa Pig is a winner.

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Whats for breakfast?

Alex: During the week I have muesli & yoghurt. The kids have weetbix & banana! And I have COFFEE , lots of coffee- I literally can’t get moving without it. On the weekend we love to try and go out for breakfast – I am a full cooked breakfast kind of gal!

Erica: Normally a large coffee and anything I can grab on the go. But on a Sunday, my husband often makes pancakes or french toast with fresh strawberries and lots of maple syrup.

Jacinda:  Mixed berry smoothie with almond milk and coconut yoghurt. Yum!!!

What’s your favourite thing to bake?

Alex: My Nan’s banana cake with lemon icing. My husband has been known to eat this cake in one sitting!

Erica: I must admit I’m not much of a baker, but I do make a nice (naughty) brownie.

Jacinda: Raspberry scones. They are so easy to make and delicious.

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What is your go to remedy for a tantrum?

Alex: I have a 2.5yr old so I’m fresh out of remedies. . . . I’m open to trying yours!

Erica: Like every parent my “remedy” changes on a daily / weekly basis. At the moment my remedy is Music. Whenever my daughter is cranky, bored or upset I know singing/music will always bring a smile to her face and stop those tears.You will   often catch me at the   shops and driving in the car singing.

Jacinda : I’ve tried a few remedies but I’m still looking for the one that works. We’ve just hit the terrible two’s and I’m not prepared. Help!

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Photo credit http://tobyscott.com.au/

Check out all of In Bed With Fred’s amazing product on their website here.