At One Fine Baby we love Redsbaby. They have been with us at many fairs and we can’t get enough of their amazing prams. We thought you might like to know a little more about this fabulous Australian business, so we had a chat with Founders, Brett and Meagan Redelman to get the scoop!


You’re putting a spin on the pram industry in Australia- tell us about the reason why you wanted to launch the business? 

We saw a unique opportunity to provide Australian parents with products from a local brand that delivered thoughtful engineering and beautiful design, combined with outstanding customer service. Our products are proudly manufactured in the same factories as the world’s largest and most trusted brands in the category, which enables us to provide our customers with products that match the quality of the most premium brands available on the market. There are plenty of European and American brands in Australia, however these are all distributed through retailers. Our unique combination of direct online selling and demonstration days allows us to interact directly with our customers without relying on staff that represent other brands to represent our business. We can deliver an outstanding experience from the first moment a customer contacts us, through to choosing which product is right for their family and providing fast post-sales service when needed. Our commitment to delivering excellent quality and designed products combined with an exceptional customer experience is what sets Redsbaby apart from the rest. Lastly, most brands are designed primarily for the larger European and American markets. Being a local brand, we design our products to meet the needs of Australian parents by incorporating specific design features into our products that our customers ask for, with just one example being our Maxiair™ canopy with large ventilation panels for our hot summers.

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A business built by husband and wife – tell us about your separate roles – who is most likely to reach for the crayons and the calculator?

Brett is certainly more operational and is focused on the sales side of the business. I drive the product development, product marketing and marketing side of the business. We both complement each other with the skills and expertise we bring to the business, while having a great team in-house and external partners.

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Talk us through a typical ‘9-5.’ Breezy, right?

You mean 5am-11pm right? Our twins wake us up anywhere between 5 and 6am. We get them ready for day-care, drop them off and are in the office by 8am. We always start the day with a coffee from our favourite local café and on a Monday have a chat with the team about the week ahead. Being a small team, we’re all heads down bottoms up and get stuck into the tasks at hand. Depending on where we are on the calendar, in addition to the day-to-day business management, our days consist of lots of fun! Product development and new product sampling, photography, videography and event planning to name a few things. Come 5pm, the twins are picked up from daycare and are in bed by 6.30pm. Occasionally, we will squeeze in a couple of hours of work in the evening or one of us will go to the gym. And then… it’s the next day again!

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Twinning and Winning- you have (10 month old) twins- how do you balance business and parenthood?

Great question. We are blessed with two beautiful, healthy children, and while balancing business with family is challenging at times, remembering this is key to enjoying the ride! The twins are in daycare 4-5 days a week which allows us to allocate time to running the business effectively. Our top tips for others considering starting their business with either a baby on the way or a young family already, is to be realistic with what you can achieve with the resources and support you have available to you. Allocate weekly time to ‘switch off’ and spend valuable time with your family. For us, every morning and evening we spend with the twins and every Sunday is family day. With running your business, focus on your strengths and look to external resources for the skills or expertise that is lacking. Establish strong partners that understand your needs and your business and hire the right people to join your team. This will allow you to achieve strong efficiencies, enjoy the elements of ‘work’ that you love and spend valuable time with your family at the same time.

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The Jive has been super popular– tell us about its sophisticated engineering of the pram? What separates it from others in the range/ industry.

The Jive is our hero product. It’s refined aesthetic combined with thoughtful engineering is what sets it apart. The key differences that separate the Jive from other models is three fold (and excuse the play on words, as one of them is about the fold!). Firstly, it is one of the only single prams on the market that grows with your family. No large, bulky frame that breaks your back when lifting it into the car, or wide pram that you can’t walk down shopping isles with. The Jive’s thoughtful engineering and design allows you to adapt the pram to accommodate two children, so the pram grows as your family grows, all while maintaining the slim and light profile of a single pram. Secondly, welcome to the fold! The Jive is one of the only prams on the market with a reversible and reclinable seat that folds compact in the frame rather than having to be removed. Seems small, but makes a tremendous difference when loading it in and out of the car daily with a young child! Lastly, the Jive combines all its thoughtful engineering and practicality with a beautiful, premium and stylish aesthetic for the modern family, and all from a local, Australian brand.

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What’s new for Redsbaby- what can we look forward to seeing in this space?

We are always working on innovative new products in the background, we never stop! We can’t say too much, however we will be launching new products within the pram category, while expanding into new categories as well – so watch this space!

Redsbaby will be at One Fine Baby Sydney on August 12-14 and Melbourne September 9-11. So grab your tickets and come see their amazing prams for yourself!

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