We all know that food is the most important part of every party, whether that’s fairy bread, a sausage sizzle, cheese and pineapple on a stick or the all important birthday cake. But aren’t we a little tired of the usual iced victoria sponge now? Don’t we want something a little more exciting than a lamington with a candle on top? If you’re looking for a fun and inspiring alternative to the usual birthday cake for your little one’s next birthday party, you’ve come to the right place!

Fairy Floss
Fluffe4Want to be transported back to your childhood of hazy evenings spent at the carnival with your parents, riding the ferris wheel and eating cotton candy from a stick? Well, thanks to Fluffë, fairy floss is BACK, and it’s better than ever! Delight in the most amazingly unique flavours from maple bacon to burnt honey to mojito. Yes, you heard us, mojito flavour fairy floss! (Non-alcoholic for the little ones of course, but us grown ups have got to have a little fun too right? RIGHT!?) With 3 party packages on offer, Fluffë has got something for everyone and every budget; prices start at $300 for a petite party and go up to $540 for the grande package.


Liana Raine
Artisan ice pops

With summer just around the corner what better way to cool down at a party than with one of these super tasty artisan ice pops? You may have already seen the Liana Raine team serving up a storm with these popular pops outside the Sydney Opera House, but you probably didnt know you can hire the stall for your own party too! Liana Raine’s vintage inspired pop cart brings an element of beachside fun to any event, while keeping your pops nice and cold to keep you refreshed in the summertime sun. There are heaps of flavours to choose from such as strawberry basil, pineapple chilli and watermelon lemonade. If you’re feeling creative, you can even make up your own flavour to make your party just that little bit more personal!!


Black Pantry
Handmade marshmallows

We first fell in love with Black Pantry at one of our One Fine Day wedding fairs, but we think they’re perfect for kid’s parties too! What little one doesn’t love the soft ooziness of a good marshmallow – and who are we kidding, what adult doesn’t love that too!? And, these aren’t just any old oozy marshmallows, they’re the best of the best, with flavours such as snickers, orange blossom and salted caramel (YUM!) Packaged up into cute little carry bags, these unique treats can be given away as an alternative to a lolly bag, or stacked up high to replace a cake!


Buttercream Bakery
Quirky cakes


If you do decide that you want a cake for your party, make sure its one of these marvels from Buttercream Bakery – trust us, you wont have seen anything like them before!! Buttercream’s cupcakes are a feast not only for your belly but for your eyes too, we can pretty much guarantee your little one’s eyes will POP out of their heads when they see these!! Go as wacky as you want with a custom design, or ask the team to bake you up one of their own creations such as their nutella donut design or our favourite the INCREDIBLE brownie stack!! Caution; you may drool at the following photos…


Catch these amazing catering vendors at one of our upcoming One Fine Baby fairs and get your party planning underway. Get tickets to both our Melbourne fair (which is THIS WEEKEND), or next month’s Sydney fair, here!