FU Nitro mixes science and food specialising in made-to-order liquid nitrogen gelato served at your event from beach front weddings to kid’s birthday parties. FU Nitro’s handcrafted unique flavours are theatrically made right before your eyes, giving your guests the ultimate gelato experience which they won’t be able to walk away from. This is some seriously smooth, creamy and delicious gelato!

Founder Dennis shares more with us below:

FU Nitro Liquid Nitrogen Gelato One Fine Baby 1

Who inspires you?

My dad has always been my biggest inspiration in life. The word FU means “wind” in the Japanese language and this was done in honour to my dad as it was one of the characters in his watch company. Dad would always tell me about how he started his company in a little shed and grew it to the point where he had 300 employees, but it all ended when the communist took it away from him. He would tell me not to focus on how he lost it but rather how a small idea can become big if you put in the effort and time.

The second person is David Chang, a world renown successful restaurateur from America who gave up his day job teaching English in Japan to open an American Japanese restaurant. Even though people around him thought he would end up in a ball of fire, he didn’t care. He just kept on going. His success has taught me to solider on.

Many people thought I was crazy switching from my day job to make gelato, but it was always a dream that I had and now I’m old enough to make this dream a reality.

FU-Nitro-Liquid-Nitrogen-Gelato-One-Fine-Baby-4FU Nitro Liquid Nitrogen Gelato One Fine Baby 3



What’s for breakfast?


Bacon and eggs with a hash brown on the side and then a scoop of cereal milk gelato afterwards (the cereal bit makes it healthy right?)

FU Nitro Liquid Nitrogen Gelato One Fine Baby 2

Whats your favourite thing to bake ?

Warm, just out of the oven chocolate brownie. Of course to match with our QUAD CHOC gelato. It’s definitely a deliciously sinful cup of dark chocolate gelato with the baked brownie, dark choc chips and finally drizzled with choc fudge. Let’s throw away the theory that everything is good in moderation. Have as much chocolate as you want!


Head to the FU Nitro website to find out how you can have one of their delicious, and entertaining gelato bars at your next special event!