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Most couples reveal the gender of their to-be born baby with a simple call to their family, but other couples are using the excellent news as an excuse to throw a really awesome party! Once you find out you’re pregnant you must start to get a little curious about whether your little one is going to be a boy or a girl. Whether you’re looking to host a gender guessing game or a gender reveal party, we’ve rounded up ten of our favorite ideas including DIY confetti poppers, sweet treats and lots of balloons! So invite your family and friends over for a surprise party and get them to share in your exciting news!

And in case you didn’t know… we LOVE helping out with gender reveals so drop us an email to see how we can help! We can even work it all out with your OB and surprise you!

(1) Whether you want to keep your baby’s gender a secret or don’t know it yourself, why not turn the mystery into a fun little gathering with your closest friends and family? Offer a variety of treats in two different colors and let your guests guess!

Photo via CB and J.

(2) Feeling a little creative? Make these hollow onesie cookies filled with blue and pink candy and offer them to your guests to keep the mystery going!


Photo by Craftstorming.

(3) Some couples prefer to do a fun photo shoot rather than throw an actual party. One of our favorite ideas is the drop of the ice cream! Pose with the correct flavor and frame it for your baby to see!



Photo by Session Nine Photography via Grey Likes Baby.

(4) One of the most popular photo shoot ideas is to tuck a bunch of helium balloons in a DIY box and release them to find out the gender! These pretty, pink, balloons say ‘It’s a girl’!


Photo by Yuna Leonard via 100 Layer Cakelet.

(5) These confetti poppers are surprisingly easy to make! Pop the correct one and make sure you capture it all on camera!


Photo by Amanda Gentis via Inspired By This.

(6) Here’s another cute photo op! Have each of you blow a different colored bubble gum and pop the one that’s incorrect! Simple and sweet.


Photo from The Way We Sie(g) It.

(7) Gather your friends and family for a fun-tastic gender reveal! Surprise yourselves and everyone around you by asking one person to fill the water guns with colored paint. Once the spraying is done, take a look at the color you’re covered in and voila!


Photo from Macon Photography.

(8) Here’s another exciting way to reveal the gender of your baby: colored powder. Offer everyone a small cup of the powder and throw it as high as you can for a very memorable photo op! Our tip? Do it in a place that can get dirty!
Photo by Dreamtown via Grey Likes Baby.

(9) Bake a delicious (ombre) cake and coat it with a neutral colored frosting. At the end of the party, cut a slice and discover whether you’re having a girl or a boy!


Photo by Ruth Eileen Photography via Style Me Pretty.

(10) It’s no secret that we love all confetti! This DIY gold piñata is absolutely stunning and holds a ton of colorful confetti! Pull the string and jump for joy!

Photo from Funny Beautiful.

But in the end, does it really matter? Girl or boy we love them both!



Photo from Erica O’Brien Cake Design.
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