Trying to get the kids to eat healthily can be a struggle, even us mums are often more tempted by a box of chocolates than a plate of salad. But, thanks to our sneakily-healthy snack recipes, you can keep the kids off the junk food without them even realising!

Here’s our top three, easy to make, healthy arvo-snack recipes to get you started…

Kiwi popskiwipops
This yummy treat is so simple to make but tastes so good! First up, melt one small pack of high-percentage dark chocolate (the higher the percentage of the chocolate, the less sugar there is). Next, peel your kiwis, cut into slices and skewer with a lolly-pop stick. Then dip into the melted chocolate, not too much though, remember these are healthy! Put the kiwis onto a baking paper lined tray and place into the freezer.

Apple and almond butter sandwichesapplesandwiches
To satisfy your kid’s sweet tooth without filling them with sugar, core and slice a few of your kid’s favourite apples and serve with almond butter. Almond butter, which is a source of healthy fats, has far less added sugar than peanut butter without losing all of the taste. Add a little extra flavour with granola or rolled oats, or for special treats, dark chocolate shavings.

Banana and oat smoothiebananaoatsmoothie
Every one loves a smoothie, but did you know some of our favourite ‘healthy’ branded drinks are actually hiding a sugary secret?? Avoid the sugar-rush by making your own! In a blender, mix one cup of low-fat or soy milk, one cup of natural yoghurt, one ripe banana and two tablespoons of rolled oats. For extra flavour, try adding cinnamon, and on extra hot days turn your smoothies into icy-poles by popping them into the freezer!