One of the more common problems experienced as mothers is the pain and discomfort from post childbirth and during breastfeeding. Fortunately, there are natural ways to relieve the soreness.

BodyICE is an Australian company, founded in 2006 by Olympic Gold Medalist Lydia Lassila. During her career as an aerial skier, Lydia suffered a number of injuries and became frustrated with the inefficiency of cold therapy products on the market that leaked, slipped and were difficult to use.


These frustrations led Lydia to create BodyICE with a clear mission in mind – to help people of all ages and abilities recover from their injuries and fight pain and inflammation naturally using simple ice and compression. After the birth of her first child Kai in 2011, Lydia expanded the BodyICE range to include BodyICE Woman – a range of ice and heat packs to help women recover post childbirth and during breastfeeding.


In Lydia’s own words:

“My inspiration for BodyICE Woman certainly came from my own experiences with childbirth and throughout breastfeeding. There is nothing comfortable about recovering from childbirth – whether you’ve had a c-section or natural delivery. I was really tender and swollen down below and I remember the nurses handing me some ice cubes in gauze to put down my knickers. Whilst I really wanted the relief from cold therapy, it was so uncomfortable and soggy. I couldn’t help think us new mums deserve something a little better than that, which was the inspiration for our perineum pack. When my milk came in, I was in agony and so tender and engorged. Again, I wanted a cold compress and used my ice bags from our BodyICE Recovery range. I had instant relief, which inspired me to create a solution for breasts. Cue – inspo for BodyICE Woman. I figured if I needed it then so would millions of other women!”


Like all BodyICE products, Lydia designed BodyICE Woman to be area specific to ensure that they fit well and are comfortable to use. With that in mind, she chose the softest non-toxic materials and incorporated gel beads which are flexible when frozen or heated.

BodyICE Woman is now available in many retail and online stores, as well as via their own website