Incy Interiors is always at the forefront of design and today they are sharing with us the hottest trends and style for the bedroom, both for Adults and Kids! 

How was Incy Interiors formed?

Incy Interiors was launched in 2011 when I was trying to find the perfect big boy bed for my son, Oscar. Growing frustrated after 6 months of searching for a perfect brown iron bed within Australia, I started looking overseas. Australia had such a classic and limited collection of bedding for little ones.

I had seen lots of gorgeous beds overseas, but couldn’t get them imported. I’ve always been really creative and love all things ‘design’ so the launch of Incy Interiors was quite serendipitous.

INCY_Velvet One Fine Baby 1

Dulux means Luxe – can we have any colour?   

Simple answer- YES!
The range of bedding and furniture we have is broad- whether you prefer a more minimalist/ Scandi look/ or love a little bit of electric bolt- Incy’s Dulux Colour Chart let’s you use the ‘eeny meeny miny mo’ formula to choose a colour that’s right for you- whatever takes your fancy. No rules apply! 

INCY_Velvet One Fine Baby 2

What can we expect to see this season?

Velvet. Lots of it!
This season is all about being lush and creating a collection that helps us step back in time with a little vintage charm. There’s something timeless and eternally alluring about this fabric- it’s a fashion stalwart that we’ve applied to our modern-day designs.

INCY_Velvet One Fine Baby 3 

You’re one of the most Australia’s most respected designers/ business women. Do you ever wake up, pinch yourself… and wonder how you got here?

 Really?  I honestly don’t feel like that so it is so lovely of you to say so.  I never ever take any of this for granted.  I have worked my arse off over the last 6 years and now that we have launched into the US it’s like we are starting all over again and the crazy hours have started back up but I truly love what I do, I have the most amazing team, unreal stores who stock our products, fantastic loyal customers and most importantly a super supportive family. 

We often refer to the ‘Incy Family’ that is not just Incy employees, it includes all of the people who make this happen.  They say it takes a village to raise a child, well it takes a family to create a business and I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without my little Incy family.


Incy has stretched into the USA. What trends are you seeing there? Do you think Australians will embrace or resits these?

 I am typing this response from a hotel room in Palm Springs, the mecca of design.  My poor little brain is overloaded with design inspiration here but to be honest the biggest take from the trade show I attended last week was that Americans are really looking towards Australia for design trends.  We heard a number of times ‘this is so cool, of course you are from Australia.  Australia is killing it in design’.  This is so exciting for us and we feel like our launch into the US couldn’t be more perfectly timed as Americans are embracing new trends and non matching furniture!

INCY_Velvet One Fine Baby 4 

OK we always talk about trends that are IN, so—what’s OUT?

The thing that seems to be dying everywhere is matching furniture.  People no longer want a bed with matching side table, dresser and bookcase.  People are prepared to take more risks in designing. 


Talking about beds…Camomile Tea, Meditation or rum and rest, how do you unwind after the kids are tucked in? Do you have a particular sleep hygiene routine?

I am such a creature of habit.  Once the kids are tucked up in bed, I boil the kettle and my husband and I sit on the lounge with our cups of tea and either a Mint Slice biscuit or a cup of raspberries depending on the day I have had!

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