Natural & Botanical Skincare – Bodycare – Haircare, Just for Girls


Girls can now celebrate their very own special skincare, bodycare, haircare products, designed just for them. Mothers can also trust that these products were developed in Australia to protect, nourish and be gentle on their girls’ skin.

Girl Lane is a new range of skincare, bodycare and haircare formulated by an award winning pharmacist with natural botanicals, specifically for girls 14 years and younger. The products have been developed as an alternative to existing brands, to create an experience girls love, and a range mothers can trust. Girl Lane is gentle enough for everyday use and suitable for all skin types including eczema and sensitive skin, making it a safe and fun alternative.

Girl Lane was founded by three very passionate mums who realised there were no options available which appealed to young girls, didn’t compromise on ingredients, or were gentle and effective enough to help protect and nurture their girls’ skin and hair.

Luckily one of them was a pharmacist with a specialisation in dermatology who knew exactly what was needed. Together they created a trusted range of cool and much needed products, with only the right ingredients to keep girls’ skin and hair looking and feeling its natural best.

Utilising a unique blend of natural botanicals, and none of the harsh chemicals that can damage young skin, Girl Lane products keep girls’ skin doing exactly what it’s supposed to do.


Co-Founder and award-winning Pharmacist Deborah Williams says: “Most skin damage occurs before the age of 17. Our girls lead active and outdoor lifestyles which exposes them every day to harsh environmental factors such as pollution and damaging sun. Girl Lane products are formulated specifically to prevent damage and ensure skin stays at its healthy best during these younger years.

Girl Lane products do not contain fragrances, soaps or other irritants and are free from harsh chemicals such as silicone and SLS. We believe that the balance of scientific knowledge, practical experience and the love for our own young girls has enabled us to formulate playful, protective and nourishing products to ensure a girl’s skin stays as beautiful in the future as it is today” concludes Ms. Williams.


“The Girl Lane products are fabulous! The products have changed the way my daughter views skincare and her approach to looking after her skin. As a mum I was always concerned with her using “adult” products because her skin is sensitive and so young however now with Girl Lane products I don’t need to be!. I must say that Chloe’s skin is very soft and looks amazing now that she regularly cleans and moisturisers her skin and even I love the wipes, they leave your skin so soft!” Said Amanda

“My daughter is in love with all the girl lane products! I love how she now enjoys looking after her hair and skin because the range is directed especially to girls just like her and their delicate young skin. She doesn’t have to use mum’s icky stuff no more! Girl lanes message of empowering young girls to be their absolute best is a message I strongly agree with. Thank you girl lane for creating this beautiful range and for making my little girl a happy girl!” Said Kelly

“Thank you for creating such beautiful products for the teen/tween age group. As a mum it is so reassuring to know that your products don’t have any harsh chemicals. All of your products smell amazing and I sometimes steal my daughters detangling mist because I love the smell so much.” Said Kaylene

What does ‘Pharmacist Formulated’ mean and why is it important?

Ever wondered what ‘pharmacist formulated’ means? Deborah Williams explains…

Pharmacist formulated means mothers can have confidence that ingredients have been carefully selected by a trusted healthcare professional. 

For over 16 years as a pharmacist, I’ve been advising patients on the best skincare options for their skin. I have created formulations for dermatologists and GPs. Recommending products for babies and adults has been simple as options have always been available for these age groups. 

Then along came my two beautiful daughters.  I am very conscious about protecting them, and have used various skincare products on them since they were babies to protect their immature skin.  As they’ve grown older, it has become apparent that they wanted to use a skincare range that was developed “for them”.  Not something they had been using since they were babies – they were far too old (and cool) for that!  However, I had nothing I felt comfortable with in the pharmacy that would solve for their skincare needs.

This need gave life to Girl Lane.  It was pretty simple – I wanted something that would strengthen and protect my girls’ skin, that would mimic the natural functions of the skin and that they could enjoy using as especially for them.  Drawing on my pharmaceutical knowledge, I’ve created a range of products that I want my daughters to use, and that they love using every day.

The Girl Lane range has been created to provide optimal nourishment and protection especially for girls’ skin, and to make it simple for mums and their daughters to cut through the clutter and confidently select products that are gentle, protective and effective.


It’s all about nurturing our girls.

Here at Girl Lane, we think girls shine brightest when they are allowed to be themselves, that’s why our products are all about giving girls the best conditions to thrive in a time of change. Our range of products is not about trying to change our girls, the range specifically designed to provide an age appropriate range that protects young skin and hair against environmental damage, supporting the natural conditions to help it do what it is supposed to do, as well as it possibly can.


As mothers we knew that our girls needed to start feeling independent in a supported and nurturing environment. However, their changing skin, hair and developmental needs were not being catered for – their options being to carry on using products for much younger kids or to transition direct onto the harsher, potentially damaging, skin and hair care designed for adults.

As we move into our grown up bodies, our skin needs help to keep looking its natural best – that’s why here at Girl Lane, we created a range of products especially for girls to gently help skin keep being its brilliant, natural self!

Skin, being our largest organ, is constantly exposed to harmful free radicals and pollution, as well as damaging sun. Yet we do little to protect and nourish it aside from applying sunscreen.

Our girls have beautiful skin, but it is immature and fragile, and needs to be protected and strengthened daily. Girl Lane products are especially formulated for girls’ skin, with a balance of science and natural botanicals to provide the optimum quality skincare, haircare and bodycare for our special girls.

Formulated specifically for Girls’ skin

We have chosen ingredients that mimic the natural functions of the skin, to maximise tolerance with targeted efficiency. All products are safe, scientifically tested and proven.

Quality is paramount

We work with reputable manufacturers and use quality ingredients and formulations that bring together the best of science and nature.

Professional endorsement

Girl Lane is about providing awareness that an early personal care routine makes a difference. We understand mothers want a trustworthy brand that provides integrity, reassurance and reliability. That’s why Girl Lane products are formulated and recommended by Deborah Williams, pharmacist, mother and co-founder.

Girl Experience

Girl Lane promotes a safe, fun, colourful and enjoyable personal care experience as part of a daily routine. At the heart of our brand, we are all about protection, nourishment and empowering girls to be their healthy best.



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