Mama Maya is a collection of the most exquisite muslin baby wraps a new mum could ever wish for! They’re super soft, super stylish and perfect for swaddling your bundle of joy! Let’s get to know more about the brand and the fab people behind it!

When and why did you start Mama Maya?

Mama Maya launched in March 2016, but the idea had been brewing in me for years. When I was giving birth to my eldest son 5 years ago, the umbilical cord was looped around his neck. It’s really quite common, and my OB and midwife worked to get him out as quickly as possible and give him oxygen.  Not long after, I heard about the work of the Birthing Kit Foundation Australia (BKFA) – providing clean birthing kits to women in remote areas of the world. 350,000 babies are born every day; in Australia, 6 in 100,000 people die each year in pregnancy or childbirth, but in a country like Uganda, it’s 1 in 16. I realised how lucky I had been to have a clean and safe place to give birth, and also trained caregivers to support me.

I wanted to do something to increase awareness of these statistics, and also contribute to reducing the rate of mother and baby morbidity and mortality. So I decided to take something that every parent of babies owns multiples of – a simple muslin wrap – and build a one-for-one model around it, with a focus on stylish, timeless design, sustainability and philanthropy. Through a partnership with the BKFA, we fund birthing kits and caregiver training to local organisations in over 20 countries – and can guarantee that for every purchase at least one woman will have access to a safer birth.

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What was the biggest challenge you faced launching Mama Maya?

Finding a fair-trade certified manufacturer who could manufacture to the specifications I needed – GOTS-certified organic cotton muslin, with rounded corners and binding edges for a more premium feel – a little different to regular square-hemmed muslin wraps. There’s been a lot of back and forth, but I’m really proud of the result.

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Balancing Act? How do you juggle motherhood, social life and being a business owner? Is there such a thing as ‘balance’ for a business owner?

I think balance is when you feel happy, fulfilled, and productive. So sometimes I’ll sacrifice exercise to put in a lot of time on the business if I’m on a roll – or if I need to be a ‘mum’ for a day, work can wait until late nights or early mornings. But if I feel happy, fulfilled and productive, that’s all I worry about!

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What were you doing pre-Mama Maya? 

I spent 15 years in the advertising industry, most recently as an Account Director at a large media agency in Sydney.  It’s a big step change, but infinitely more fulfilling!

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Who’s your inspiration in the business world?

I’m inspired by people who are following their heart, practice empathy and kindness, and are doing something they are truly passionate about; people like Zoe Foster Blake, Emma Isaacs and the team behind Thankyou are people I really admire.

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How do you stay motivated?

I started Mama Maya to make an impact on maternal health, and to tangibly contribute to ensuring more women worldwide can access a safer birth. This is what really drives me – on days where I start to lose my focus, I bring it back to why I’m doing this. I’m also not purely motivated by profit; when I make sales, I’m always tallying up how much is going towards providing birthing kits, and seeing this impact is what really drives me. The Birthing Kit Foundation (Australia) do brilliant work to reduce the risk of infant and maternal morbidity and mortality in remote areas of the world, and I’m really proud that Mama Maya can help them in some way.

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What’s one thing people wouldn’t know about you?

I’ve been a vegetarian for over 23 years – and I can’t even remember what meat tastes like!

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Instagram Crush? Who are you loving at the moment?

I have so many! @tabletonic – I love Louise’s store, style, everything. @zotheysay – Zoe is smart, witty and super-talented, and her posts always make me smile. And my dear friend @msamyfarrell, who takes the most beautiful pictures of the places I would rather be!

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