Lynette Bolton is a Channel 7 TV Presenter working on Sydney Weekender and with Sunrise, The Morning Show and Yahoo7. She also runs a Wedding Planning and Event Management Company called LCB Productions and also works with Little Rockers Radio Station which has just released a children’s meditation program with meditations she has written and recorded. If that weren’t enough for this busy mum, she has also recently created a new site Love LCB which is an online community for the modern conscious parent and their kidlets. It contains blog pieces, interviews, recipes, free adult and kid meditations, monthly card readings and lots of fabulous other stuff! Lynette has also completed a Kids Foundation Yoga Training Course plus a Meditation Facilitators Course.

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What was the catalyst for Love LCB?

The concept of Love LCB is something that has been speaking to me for a long time. I have had such a transformative journey through meditation and mindfulness and I felt that there would be so many other parents out there who could benefit also. My goal is to encourage parents to live a more mindful and present life, especially with their children, and to show adults and kids ways that our little ones can use things like meditation and yoga and breathing to help navigate all the stressors that life throws at them. I truly believe that our kids should be learning these techniques as life skills as early as possible, as opposed to having to learn them as band aid approaches for stress management/behaviour management etc later in life.

The site comprises a stack of things that I love and find interesting – people, concepts, events, products etc. I believe that if these things managed to help me then they can do the same for other parents out there. Parenthood is such a crazy, unpredictable ride and I wanted to create an uplifting, supportive environment where parents can come together, be inspired and also be able to take away some practical advice and tools that they can use in their everyday life.

I am so lucky to have three other contributing writers – Allison Cahill who is a registered counsellor and psychotherapist, my spiritual contributor Jacqueline TJ and brand new mum Marisa Seeley. Between us we have it all covered, haha!

How did you discover mindfulness and meditation?

I actually think it was one of those things where it managed to find me when I needed it to. For a long time I was feeling very unhappy and drained emotionally. I was working on jobs that were simply a means to an end and I was surrounded by negative energy from the people I was working with. I had enough one day and made the decision that from that moment on I was going to be more grateful, happier and more present. From that decision I was naturally led to meditation and mindfulness and I can honestly say that practicing mindfulness daily, and sitting down for a twice daily meditation, has changed my life.

Photo by Rialba Studio

How do you feel Meditation can help parents?

I think that as parents, we are constantly juggling a million things at once and we aren’t necessarily doing any of them as well as we could. And I also think that parents tend to let their own self care and time fall by the wayside before anything else. Meditation is a wonderful way to take some time out for yourself and allow your mind to focus on something other than the million things you have on your to do list! I also believe that it helps you to be a better parent and partner as you become more present in your day-to-day living. Not to mention you sleep better and look about 20 years younger!

I have some fabulous adult meditations on my website for anyone who would like to try one. They are perfect for everyone from beginners to experienced meditators.

What has parenthood taught you?

Oh my goodness where do I start? ;)
Parenthood has taught me the true meaning of love – I would literally do anything for my two girls. It has also taught me how to be so much more patient and present. It has taught me to slow down – when I am with the girls they are always the first to tell me to put my phone down or listen better if they think I am not doing so ha! It has also taught me how to appreciate the simple things in life – I love taking walks with the girls, lying in the grass looking at the clouds and reading with them. It has taught me again about the magic in the world and how much better life is when you slow down and truly appreciate every moment. This is something that kids can do so beautifully (haha when they aren’t running around at a million miles a hour!)


What is your number one tip for being a mindful parent?

Put the phone down! Even if just for ten minutes each day and consciously spend time with your little ones. See, hear, feel, touch, taste the whole experience. Let your kids have your entire attention without worrying about the washing or the emails or what you are cooking for dinner.

And try your hand at meditation of course!

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Lynette will be at One Fine Baby Melbourne this weekend, so grab your tickets online now and come see her at the fair!