Ollie Ella is another fabulous Australian brand we simply love having as part of One Fine Baby. With a range of rugs, baskets and decor items for the modern family, their products will be gorgeous and useful long after baby has grown. Let’s get to know a little more about Olli Ella…


When and where was Olli Ella created? 

Olli Ella started as a happy accident in 2010, after launching a small collection of modern nursing chairs out of a shop in Islington, London. Within 3 months the collection was picked up by Harrods, which was a great boon for our brand and allowed us to branch out into textiles and homewares.

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How would you describe Olli Ella? 

Olli Ella is a homewares brand for homebodies like us. We are all about elevating the everyday normal by creating beautiful, ethically-made products for everyday use.

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What is each of your favourite pieces in your collection?

The macramé bassinet, it’s been a long work in progress and I have just loved using it with my third baby, 5 month old Nell. We’ve hung it in the living room, and she has spent nearly every afternoon nap there, doors open, sun streaming in. It’s beautiful and it’s made nap time an experience, if that makes sense?

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What’s in the pipeline for Olli Ella this season? 

This year for us it’s all about returning to the hand-made, a resurgence of the homebody, the bohemian, the craftsman.

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What keeps you motivated? 

I love designing new products and getting that feedback and enthusiasm from our customers – it’s exciting, and thrilling. 

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How do you find juggling a business with motherhood?

I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. There are always days where I will second guess myself but I’ve learnt to go a bit easier on myself if that makes sense? I think trying to do everything perfectly all the time can be debilitating and stressful, I’ve learned to be comfortable with doing the best I can and putting an emphasis on fun wherever possible.

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How would you describe your own interior style?

It changes, but I’d like to think it’s effortless, comfortable, bohemian, with a mid-century pop. 

My home is full of books, thick chunky rugs and throws, and baskets everywhere. Our walls are smattered with a mix of oil paintings, prints and artworks from our children. The home feels full of life, I just love that.

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What kind of furniture works best for the Boho look?

All kinds! You can pair a mid-century side board with a high street sofa and an ethnic rug – anything goes!
Baskets are a favourite around here for their natural texture and multitude of uses; perfect for storing household essentials, or toys – or use as a planter (you can never have too many plants in your bohemian abode!). Tie it all together with a textured rug.

Come along to One Fine Baby Sydney on August 12-14 and see the gorgeous Olli Ella collection for yourself. Buy your tickets online now!

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