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Growing a little person inside you and breastfeeding take a lot out of your body. It’s hard work and it is a time in your life where nutrition has never been so important!

We know you want to do the best you can for your baby and your own body, but you still crave a treat here and there. 

Franjo’s Kitchen have the perfect snacks for new mums and mums-to-be in their Pregnancy and Breastfeeding biscuits!

For the mum-to-be ‘biscuits for your belly’ have been naturopathically designed and contain ingredients specifically chosen with pregnant mums in mind. Fibre, omega 3, iron, calcium, b vitamins and zinc are just some of the nutrients pregnant mums need so we have made sure the bumpers contain ingredients naturally high in these. A true ‘functional food’. Bumpers also contain ginger which has been used for centuries for nausea.

For the breastfeeding mum the powerhouse ‘tanker topper’ lactation cookies are nourishing and delicious.  Full of natural galactagogues* oats, brewers yeast and flaxseeds. Along with the superfood’s chia seeds, coconut oil and buckwheat flour the Tankers not only help you ‘fill up your tanks’ whilst breastfeeding but also load you and your baby up with vitamins, minerals and good fats during this time.

Each ingredient has been carefully selected and plays an important role in not only helping mums meet their breastfed baby’s needs but also their own health which is often ignored during this demanding time. So, even if you have stopped breastfeeding but are looking for a tasty, healthful snack to keep you on your toes then grab one of these little beauties.

All biscuits are dairy free, egg free and contain no refined sugar. The Tanker Toppers are also wheat free.

Come along to One Fine Day Melbourne to try these fab Franjo’s Kitchen biscuits for yourself! Tickets are available online now.

*‘Galactogugue’ is a Greek word for substances that promotes lactation.

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