The world’s first height-adjustable monkey bars with attachable swings, trapeze, flying foxes and more play and fitness equipment will pop-up for the first time at One Fine Baby with Funky Monkey Bars bringing its Australian-made, portable backyard playgrounds to the Melbourne & Sydney Fairs in 2018.

The Pop-Up Funky Monkey Bar playground at One Fine Baby will provide a rare opportunity to have-a-go on the free play installation and see how the strength of the equipment holds up and entertains the kids.

Funky Monkey Bars is a Perth-based company founded by a Dad, Shane Roberts, who wanted to encourage his daughters, Maia and Lila, and fulfil their passion for monkey bars. In doing so discovered that he wasn’t the only parent who wanted to encourage his kids to get outdoors to hang, swing and climb with their friends.

The Roberts family was joined by the Burdle family in 2014 as partners in Funky Monkey Bars. As their kids grow so do the ideas to encourage kids to challenge themselves. Outside and away from the lure of the screen and devices.

The modular play sets all start with a height-adjustable monkey bar at the core. They continue to grow by attaching classic outdoor fun like swings, flying foxes, gymnastics, sports and fitness equipment.

Younger children love the cargo net and swings. As they get older love monkey bars, flying fox and fireman’s pole. Older kids and adults join in the fun of cross-fit stations, gym equipment and ninja accessories.

The modular frames are perfect for gymnasts. They can hang and climb, trapeze, use the gym bar and dip bars. They’re also perfect for sporty kids who can kick a ball at the soccer net, shoot hoops on the added netball hoop and take a shot at the boxing bags.

Funky Monkey Bars are freestanding, which means that you can simply install your monkey bar on grass and peg. There is no need to dig holes or pour cement.

Today Funky Monkey Bars has 16 play and fitness frames with the option to customise. New accessories can be added over time to make the playground age appropriate and fit within the available space in the backyard.

Funky Monkey Bars doesn’t have retail or wholesale outlets in Victoria or New South Wales and sells only from its online store  It sends from its manufacturing site in Western Australia direct to your backyard.

Get along to check out the Funky Monkey Bar Pop-Up playground while it’s visiting the East Coast.

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