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The age-old practice of baby keepsakes has really boomed in recent years, today it’s almost unusual not to have a trove of keepsakes of baby! Celebrate the joy of a new baby with personalised baby gifts from Baby Made.

With endless choices available to capture those early months and years of your little one, who could blame parents for wanting to stockpile as much as possible from what is essentially the most fleeting time in a child’s life?

While hands and feet sculpture castings are the usual choice in today’s baby keepsake world, recording hand and footprints using Inkless Print System Technology is proving increasingly popular. Thanks to the innovation of permanent fade proof prints that define every tiny line and wrinkle without the use of any messy ink or paint – miraculous and a little magical!

Australian owned company Baby Made is arguably the market leader when it comes to quality baby keepsake products such as the award-winning Baby Inkless Print Kit, but their latest offering, ‘Footprints in Stone’ is not only exclusive to Baby Made but a truly stylish and nouveau addition in the home.

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Using the Inkless Print System, the  baby’s detailed footprints are applied onto a black or white stone tablet, creating a stunning memento to set today’s precious memories literally in stone. The stone tablet is framed with recycled hardwood timber, making each piece a totally unique conversation piece and priceless artwork starring your child.

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Footprints in Stone is available exclusively at Baby Made’s Melbourne Studio by appointment, to find out more visit