Pregnancy takes such a big toll on a woman’s body. Growing another human is hard work and every pregnant woman deserve a little pampering.

Yummy Mummy was a concept created by Amy Farley in 2006- but just like a pregnancy it took a long time to develop and mature into an actual spa. Having worked as a massage therapist for over nine years now, her passion for pregnancy as well as all things luxurious and beautiful combined into the vision of a spa where pregnant women were thoroughly taken care of by professional therapists who actually took the time to understand all the highs and lows that pregnancy brings. If you are a mum-to-be looking for pregnancy massage in Perth, WA or in the Eastern Suburbs of NSW, Yummy Mummy is definitely a go-to spa.

Some spas will give a pregnant woman maybe one or two treatment options which is really sad given that during pregnancy, you need more special care and attention than any other time. Even if you do opt for these limited treatments elsewhere, you will most likely find the therapist has no training or knowledge about the physiological and anatomical changes that occur during pregnancy.

During Amy’s first pregnancy, she was incredibly disappointed to be turned away from some establishments purely because she was pregnant. While pregnant with her second child- Amy  finally created Yummy Mummy- a place where pregnant women and mummies are welcome to come in to experience some seriously well deserved time out and pampering. Pregnancy is not always a very joyful experience and all of our staff in our  pregnancy day spa are well aware of that- so when you come in and are feeling terrible, tired, and just want to cry- we will take care of you and help you feel wonderful again.

With three day spas- one located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, and two in Perth they welcome all mummies and mummies-to-be come to the spa to experience our treatments. Their menu was developed by pregnant women, so they know that they feel absolutely fantastic and are good not only for you but for the baby as well. They have carefully created and selected products that are safe for you to use while pregnant and breastfeeding these are as natural as can be, short of rubbing you with actual flowers and trees. Pregnancy can create a lot of skin sensitivities and reactions so they take utmost care in making sure that they provide gentle skin solutions for you.

Come and speak with the team from Yummy Mummy at One Fine Baby Sydney on November 14-15 about pampering your body throughout pregnancy and beyond. Purchase your ticket online now for a 25% off the door price!



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