SCOUT is a new Australian textile brand all about fresh modern bedding for the design conscious – big and small. The SCOUT kids range offers a fresh take on traditional bedding, offering “mix and match” prints, bright colour-block accessories and unexpected details, all tied together by their unique graphic aesthetic.

Behind SCOUT is founder/creative director, Alexandra Mitchell, and her small talented team.  The SCOUT studio recently made the move north from Melbourne to Brisbane, while Alex herself now lives over in Singapore with her young family – and travels back and forth to Australia to run SCOUT with the help of her awesome team.

We asked Alexandra her thoughts on the following:

SCOUT kids bedding and accessories One Fine Baby Fair 4


Who inspires you?

My mother is an endless source of inspiration to me – a mother of 4, she is loving, creative, so generous with her time and has one of the best business heads on her shoulders! She also showed me at a young age that you can always pursue and create the life and career you want, no matter your age or life stage, and having seen her do this firsthand several times, is what gave me the courage to make my own change from law into design.



What is your favourite way to spend time with the kids?

Definitely to spend time running off some energy outdoors or swimming in the pool. Having moved over to Singapore a few years ago (a land of high rise living and air conditioned play centres), we now appreciate just how lucky we were back home to have a garden, a shady park nearby and a reasonable climate. However, one advantage here in Singapore is that it’s over 30 degrees every day – which means everyday is a pool day for the kids!

SCOUT kids bedding and accessories One Fine Baby Fair 2


What’s for breakfast?

Like many, I’ m a creature of habit when it comes to breakfast  –muesli with vanilla yoghurt, and a soy latte (or two!). Another thing we really miss about Australia – the amazing breakfasts on offer at almost every café. So the first thing we do on a trip home is head out to our favourite Melbourne cafe for smashed avocado or bircher muesli with rhubarb compote, yum!



What’s your favourite thing to bake?

My son loves to bake and says he would like to be a “cook” when he grows up – but he definitely loves eating the mixture more than the end result! We just made banana bread, which would have to be a favourite in our house.

SCOUT kids bedding and accessories One Fine Baby Fair 5


What’s your favourite bedtime story?

We love anything by Julia Donaldson – Gruffalo, Witch on the Broom, Smartest Giant in Town, Superworm etc  – all clever/amusing stories with great pictures.

When I was little, I loved all the Roald Dahl stories – so I tried my 5 yr old recently with “Fantastic Mr Fox” – but he wondered where all the pictures were, and I found myself having to change the story (“Mama, why would the farmer want to shoot the baby foxes?” – oops!!).



What is your go to remedy for a tantrum?

Fortunately we are now moving away from that stage! But the best words of advice I was given was to not “feed the fire” – basically not to “feed” the tantrum or meltdown by paying it lots of attention or engaging in long protracted negotiations. Much easier said than done though…

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Head to the SCOUT website to find out more and see more of the range.