Inspired by all things cute, vintage, quirky and creative, Shannon of Shannon Elise Photography has been capturing special memories for over 15 years. Based in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, and specialising in portrait and family photography, Shannon Elise Photography believes that wonderful photography is all in the details. The potential to incorporate balloons, accessories, flowers, furniture, candles, chalk boards, lights and backdrops excites and inspires Shannon. She is a creative photographer who understands the importance of creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere, getting to know her clients and making the experience fun for everyone!

Shannon shares more with us below:

Shannon Elise Photography Profile One Fine Baby Fair 3

What is your favourite way to spend time with the kids?

I love to watch my daughter Taya play with her imaginary friends, the conversations that she has with them and her actions are very entertaining. It make me happy that she is creative and has a a great imagination, something that I feel is very important.


Who inspires you?

On a business level it’s Samantha Wills hands down,  I love everything about her in fact I am secretly obsessed! Ssshhhh. Generally anyone who is happy, positive and makes the most out of life inspires me.

Shannon Elise Photography Profile One Fine Baby Fair 5


What’s for breakfast?

Toast with  butter, avocado and tomatoes is a all time favourite with a nice hot cup of tea. Otherwise its eggs!


What’s your favourite thing to bake?

I am not the best in the kitchen and even though I try we are just not meant to be! One thing I can do is a great Banana muffin, a fav with all the family.

Shannon Elise Photography Profile One Fine Baby Fair 1

What’s your favourite bedtime story?

At the moment its Frozen or anything to do with princesses or castles…….yawn!


What is your go to remedy for a tantrum?

mmmm depends on what it’s about and where we are! The old saying pick your battles is a favourite of mine so I generally try and talk her out of it , distract her with something else to do or strike a deal!
On occasions I raise my voice (I am only human) and give her the countdown, that generally works and if it doesn’t I walk away muttering a few words under my breath!

Shannon Elise Photography Profile One Fine Baby Fair 2

Shannon Elise Photography Profile One Fine Baby Fair 4

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