Last weekend saw some of the hottest temperatures of the year so far, and with Summer fast approaching (yay!), we’ve put together some top tips to keep your family safe in the Sun.

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photo: @frankieandlolaau

Under the Sun
We all know the dangers that the extreme Australian Sun can pose to our health, especially our skin, and most importantly our little one’s skin. Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a major cause of cancer, but did you know that you can burn in less than 11 minutes during Summer? Because of this, it’s so important to make sure you reapply suncream regularly (atleast once every 2 hours), and after getting wet or heavily sweating.

Our top tips: set a recurring alarm on your phone to remind you throughout the day, and get your kids into the habit of always wearing a hat to protect from sunstroke!

photo: @frankieandlolaau

Down by the water
There is a misconception that only deep water poses a risk to children’s safety, but the sad truth is that children can drown in water even as shallow as a puddle. Because of this, it is paramount that you stay vigilant at ALL times when your kids are around the water. By the pool and need to grab your sunnies from the hotel room? Make sure you take your little ones out of the water and make sure they do not go back in unnattended. Accidents can happen in the split of a second, so even if you think you’ll only be gone a short while, it’s always best to be safe than sorry!

When at the beach, make sure you and the kids swim within the safety flags; yes, these areas are usually the busiest, but they are the safest. Always keep an eye on your kids even if there is a lifeguard on duty – they are there as an extra precaution, not for babysitting. And most importantly, always be aware of the tide; our Australian shores are full of extremely strong currents that can overpower even the most experienced swimmers.

photo: @frankieandlolaau

On the road
Summer time is for making memories and having fun, and if your neighbourhood is anything like ours, that means all the kids playing out on the street together. Before setting off for any journey, have a thorough check around your car and driveway that it’s all clear. Even once you’re in the car, move out slowly, repeatedly checking all angles for children – kids move fast, so in the few moments you’ve taken to clip your seat belt in, the situation may have changed.

Another thing to remember, never leave your child (or anyone for that matter) in a parked car on a hot summers day – no matter how well ventilated you might think it is, or how quick you’re going to be.

Watch out for wildlife
The Sun’s out, but so is something else… snakes and spiders and bugs and beasties. Always keep insect repellent handy, and reapply throughout the day – especially to areas such as ankles and wrists, which are pesky mozzies favourite places to feast! Avoid beaches that have jellyfish warnings, and always get out of the water if you are advised by a lifeguard.

If you’re out on a bushwalk, steer clear from long grassy areas where you can’t see whats lurking, and warn kids not to move things like logs or large rocks that might have dangerous creepy crawlies hiding beneath!