Summerton Photography’s passion for photographing people inspires them to create images that are stylish, fun and candid.

Their approach is fresh, professional and flexible and they also design beautiful hand crafted albums for their clients to treasure for a lifetime. Summerton Photography find it a pleasure to be able to capture the essence and joy of people in the special moments of their lives.

We chat to photographer Megan about life with her little girl and showcase a collection of her stunning photographs below:


What is your favourite way to spend time with the kids?  

Living in Sydney we are so lucky to have such beautiful parks and beaches.  My fav thing to do with my little girl is to spend the afternoon at Centennial park walking amongst the trees or running in and out of the water at Camp Cove.  We will stay there till dinner time and have a picnic before home to bed:-).


Who inspires you?  

So many people it’s hard to choose but I think my husband most of all.  His skill as a photographer is incredible and over the years I have learnt so much from him.


What’s for breakfast?  

EGGS…there is no contest in our house!  All three of us love and eat them everyday, the only variation is how they are cooked and the different sides that go with them:-)


What’s your favourite thing to bake?  

Muffins…so quick and easy and you can chuck anything in them.  Plus they are always a hit with bub and hubby:-)

father daughter

What’s your favourite bedtime story?  

At this stage it’s anything Peppa Pig!

What is your go to remedy for a tantrum?  

To crouch down next to my daughter and just wait for her to get it out.  She usually gives me a big hug when it’s over.  She is only 19months so I think the worst is yet to come ha ha!


Take a look for yourself at Summerton Photography’s gorgeous images on their website here.