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Babies can develop skin rashes as early as the first few days of their life, and they can appear for a multitude of reasons. But don’t worry too much, in most cases there is no cause for alarm.

Small rashes are only to be expected when a newborn’s skin is adapting to brand new surroundings and stimuli. Rashes are generally a sign that your baby’s skin is reacting to irritants or changes in environment.

If your baby has a rash that causes discomfort, spreads to different areas, or does not fade over time, it’s a good idea to see a doctor in case it requires treatment.

The majority of skin rashes are harmless and require very little treatment. Prevention, by avoiding irritants and not letting your baby’s skin get too dry, is often your best bet!

One of the most common rashes bub may experience is nappy rash.

  • Signs: small pink blisters similar to pimples, sometimes with discharge, over the nappy area and lower stomach. Especially common in crevices and folds of skin.
  • Cause: continued exposure to dampness, especially urine and faeces.
  • Diagnosis: not hard to spot and name this one but if sores develop, a trip to the doctor may be in order for confirmation and treatment.
  • Cure: thorough cleaning and drying at every nappy change will foster the best conditions for a speedy recovery. Try Huggies® Baby Wipes to gently and effectively clean the area. Air drying and plenty of fresh air will also help, as will liberal application of a barrier cream before the nappy goes back on. Use Huggies Ultimate® Nappies, our most breathable and soft nappy on bub’s skin that has been clinically proven to prevent nappy rash.