TMOD output experiential Australian design. Led by multidisciplinary artists Georgie Swift and Milenka Osen, TMOD’s interactive stationery and jewellery stories have transfixed a cult following.

Now TMOD specialises in fun playful interactive designs, including greeting cards, tote bags, wrapping paper, chalkboard paint kits, tea towels.

Scratch it, Rip it, Sew it, Paint it, Open it, Twist it?!

Cards you can scratch, rip, wear as hats/masks or fold into planes. Bags you can make into dolls. Wrapping paper you can reuse as a game. Paint kits which can transform spaces.

TMOD’s jewellery and cards are currently stocked online and at boutique fashion stores and galleries throughout Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

TMOD One Fine Baby 1 TMOD One Fine Baby 2 TMOD One Fine Baby 3 TMOD One Fine Baby 4


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