1. You are in control
Always remember that you are the parent and therefore you hold all the control, you have the final say and you decide which foods to buy, how and when to serve them. Although your fussy eater might bug you for less healthy, sugar filled snacks, make sure to stay firm and remain in charge – at the end of the day, your little ones wont let themselves go hungry. Stock the cupboards and fridge with healthy nutritious foods and always stand by your decision, but allow treats every once in a while so that your kids wont feel deprived of the good stuff!

2. Be a role model
If you want your kids to eat well, then you have to as well! Kids constantly look up to their parents and adopt their behaviours, even when we don’t realise they are doing so. If you binge on a box of chocolates in front of the tv every night, your little one is going to think that’s normal and question you when you won’t allow them to do the same.

3. Get the kids involved
Kids love to get their hands dirty and make with mum and dad. What better way to get your little one interested in food than getting them involved in the kitchen!? Your child is more likely to eat a meal that he/she has made, and had fun doing so.

4. Don’t make dessert the reward
We’ve all fallen in to the trap of ‘finish your dinner and you can have dessert’, it’s easy and it often means we get our way. But food based bribery will only lead to bad habits further down the line. Don’t turn dessert into the main reason for eating dinner, this will mean kids will always expect dessert and a reward for eating healthily. Treats and desserts are good on occasion, but keep them as that – just treats!

5. Beware of ‘healthy’ drinks
You’re probably unaware that a lot of so called ‘healthy’ kids drinks are packed FULL of sneaky sugar. Soda and other sweetened drinks add a lot of extra calories to your kid’s diet. As we all know, water is the BEST drink you can give your child, but unfortunately it can sometimes be a pain to get them to enjoy it! The second best option for little ones is milk, and juice is okay in moderation.