Andie Kids

Andie Kids is a Melbourne made AND designed unisex children’s wear label. Born in 2017, Andie Kids has released a Summer ’17 range and has recently released a second Winter ’18 line. Co- founded by two Melbourne mums, Andie Kids is brought to life locally and ethically every step of the way.
The Andie designs are thought out very carefully and always play to the sporty, comfort, streetwear vibe. They are relaxed designs for everyday wear in which sacrificing style for comfort is never an issue. All of the pieces are made to withstand the test of time and the active life that children lead. Andie Kids are designed to be worn as sets to make life easier when getting your child ready in the morning.
This collection is designed for kids with a love for adventure and the outdoors, an active kid that’s not afraid to get their hands dirty! The cool kid with a relaxed attitude, who strives for what they want, Andie Kids is for the kid who takes risks and reaches for the stars…
With Andie Kids, the Sky’s the Limit.