Buena Onda & Co.

Buena Onda & Co. is a Pop-Up Café & Latin American Dessert Bar, proudly serving coffee by one of Melbourne’s favourite speciality coffee roasters – Dukes Coffee Roasters. Buena Onda & Co. brings to Melbourne the unique flavours of Latin America in the most delicious and exciting way. Their range of artisanal desserts and sweets treats have been developed from traditional recipes to produce our own menu with a unique and contemporary spin. All their desserts are made by hand using premium ingredients and are presented beautifully. Since launching their dessert range to the public in October, Buena Onda & Co. have rapidly proven to become best known as the creator’s of the gourmet ‘Alfies’ – a Melburnian foodie’s interpretation of the Argentinian favourite, the ‘alfajor’.

Born from a love of Latin America’s flavours and culture, Buena Onda & Co. was developed by Alejandro Vega and Natalia Sikiric. Alejandro originally hails from Chile and migrated to Australia to pursue a career as one of the country’s leading percussionists. It was Alejandro’s yearning for the unique flavours of home, coupled with Natalia’s love of cultures (+ her insatiable sweet tooth) that led to the concept of Buena Onda & Co. being born. After many annual South American pilgrimages and an extensive development period, Natalia fused a number of traditional recipes to develop the signature dessert menu of Buena Onda & Co. As a professional photographer, her approach to baking is an extension of her creative process. Her enthusiasm as a foodie and for making ‘all things beautiful’ also ensures that each sweet offering and the Buena Onda & Co. experience is enticingly presented.

With professional baristas at the helm serving up coffee from Dukes Coffee Roasters, Buena Onda & Co. are able to provide a true café quality coffee experience worthy of any Melbourne coffee aficionado. For those who prefer an alternative to a caffeine fix, their own blend of Mexican Spiced Hot Chocolate and other hot beverages are also on offer. Buena Onda & Co. has been represented at major events such as Finders Keepers, One Fine Baby, Emu Plains Market and various other markets and events. The Buena Onda & Co. team have a proven history on delivering great service and an exceptional product at events with patrons in excess of 45,000 – and keep smiling!

Buena Onda & Co. is a cultural experience for the senses. We live by the traditional Latin American ethos of warm hospitality, friendliness and as our name translates, ‘Good Vibes’.