Cheeky Wipes Australia

Cheeky Wipes Australia is the home of cloth wipes kits. Whether it is for nappy changes or cleaning up after messy meals…..we have you covered with a selection of wipes and kits specific for the task at hand!

Using cloth baby wipes are not a new idea but like cloth
nappies, cloth wipes have come a long way and are now
easier and more convenient to use. The Cheeky Wipes
kits offer natural cloth baby wipes that are a convenient,
easy option for parents, whether they use disposable or
cloth nappies.
With growing concerns surrounding safety of the
ingredients used in conventional wipes along with the
environmental impact on our waterways and landfill,
cloth wipes are a fantastic “green” and cost-effective
solution, saving the user up to $1500 over a 2 year period!

Cheeky Wipes Australia also carries a selection of environmentally conscious products such as reusable squeeze pouches, natural play kids make up, stainless steel plates and straws, cloth nappies and adjustable cloth swim nappies, bamboo toothbrushes, radiation blocking blankets and much, much more.
If it’s natural, chemical free and reusable……we will likely stock it.