KICKBrick Toys

The Toy Hall of Fame (Yes there is one ) does not have that many toys in it. What it does have, however, is one of the oldest toys in existence – the humble construction block, and the KICKBrick is an updated version of this age old toy.

KICKBrick is a new kind of construction block and is looking to be a contender as the gift choice from parents who are looking to move away from technology to traditional play incorporating creativity & interaction. Soft and light, the KICKBrick is designed around tapping into a child’s natural wonder and imagination. Using these building bricks, children of all ages are able to build and create all sorts of wonderful objects of art from forts and castles to human size block stacking games, the KICKBrick has it all.

Too much time today is spent in front of a screen. Children need toys that are creative in nature. Children need to explore, learn and create – skills that will help them as they mature into adults and enter the real world. The KICKBrick is the perfect solution to that end.

Because it is a construction-based toy, KICKBricks encourage children to interact with one another, to learn to share and cooperate. These are the soft skills that so many companies and employees are desperate to find in potential hires. Children also learn about building structures, how elements of building tie into one another and in the process, work on both fine and gross motor skills.

The KICKBrick is made of soft materials yet firm enough to handle stacking. Each KICKBrick set of thirty or sixty bricks comes with two colors and a carrying case. The only thing that is missing is the creative mind of a child who loves the concept of building and designing.