Leor In Home Early Learning

Leor In Home Early Learning delivers an innovation in childcare. At Leor, we recognise that parents want only the best for their children. That’s why we have developed a model of childcare that delivers high quality early childhood education in the family home.

The Leor program involves an early childhood educator delivering curriculum-based education and care to children aged between six weeks and six years in the family home. That means your children can access quality childcare in their own home rather than making the trip into daycare. We know that each family is unique and that traditional forms of childcare are often unable to cater for the needs and wishes of the diverse families in our community. We also understand the added stress that pick up and drop off routines can add to the relentless pressure of modern family life. For this reason, we have developed this innovative model of childcare that not only alleviates the pressure of the drop off/pick up routine, but also provides a focused, high quality, curriculum-based program to ensure that children are able to access the highest quality of care and education, in the comfort of their own homes.

Offering half day, full day, or extended day bookings means that families and educators can find the right placement to suit their needs. Leor is not covered by the Child Care Subsidy but offers competitive fees to make our high quality service accessible to all families.