Mashblox is a self-feeding aid designed for bubs and toddlers to introduce them to new foods and make it fun for them to eat their veggies.

The soft and squishy silicone blocks are non-toxic and safe for children. They are fridge, freezer, microwave and oven safe and can be used as a teething tool too : ) They are also very easy to clean, just turn the block inside out and pop it in the dishwasher!

Mashblox are versatile for mashed foods and foods with soft lumps for children from 6 months to 3 years, helping to introduce your bub to a variety of new flavours. This will optimise their chances of enjoying a wider range of nutritious and homemade foods, that can help set the variety of their tastes for life. A win for bub and parents alike!

Alix O’Hara (the blue hair) is the Inventor, Founder and CEO of Mashblox. She is not a Mum yet, but she is passionate about the research supporting self-feeding to reduce mealtime fussiness and parent stress, as well as children’s long term health prospects by letting them eat only what they need.

Alix is currently a Board Member for Women’s Centre for Health Matters in Canberra, a Winner in the 2018 NSW ACT Young Achiever Awards, and a semi-finalist in the Soroptimist Women Creating International Change Category, as well as Canberra Women in Business Young Businesswoman of the Year 2017.