Megagraphics Photography

Mercury Megaloudis creates works of art, not just photographs.
After 20 years in the profession, he is recognized as one of Australia’s most passionate photographers and is renowned for his zest for life and a highly enthusiastic approach for everything he does. Working through his studio Megagraphics Photography, his photographs speak from the heart and are filled with emotion, joy and impact. His designer images and original ideas have gained him respect not only with his peers, but with appreciative and often emotional clients.

Mercury believes that if the work is not good enough, it will not sell, so his business philosophy is to always be enthusiastic, creative, inspiring and passionate.

Mercury judges, lectures and presents at conferences both nationally and internationally. He is always looking to break new ground, especially in the areas of people photography and anyone who has ever met and spoken to him will agree that his energy and enthusiasm for photography is truly contagious.

His portraits are uniquely different and combine a blend of contemporary style, personality and detail. Always curious about a person’s self-image, no matter how shy they are, Mercury aims to find the beauty that’s inside everyone. It is an art in itself to take a strong picture, but Mercury has an amazing talent to capture a sitter’s personality as well. “Everyone has beauty in their own unique way and my job is to capture it.”

Mercury Megaloudis has a passion for finding the beauty in this world and enjoys every minute he spends behind the camera.