Moose & Finch

At first, she created Moose. He is strong, an attractive mammal with just the right charm, impressive antlers that adorn his head. He lives a solitary life, an individual, where his closest bond lies between him and his mother. He loves clothes that compliment his personality: a strong, bold and creative individual.

After Moose, she created Finch. She’s fun and flirty, soft and gentle with melodic tunes flowing from her sweet voice. She bounces as she flies. She chooses her clothes with excitement and delight. She loves clothes that compliment her personality: fun, feminine and bright.

Together Maria created Moose & Finch.

That was 2014.

Moose was a handful of bibs sold to friends and family, sometimes local markets. Moose then became fun, colourful, bold printed shirts all handcrafted by Maria. Each shirt having its own individual character, each garment made with earnest hands embodying Maria’s mission; to present boys with a brand to be matched with his personality, his creativity and his flair.

Finch then became an accessory for Moose, she is a soft Bohemia. She also has flair but she expresses this in the subtlest of ways. Each stitch, each ruffle and each frill is made with sincere dedication to allow Finch to embody the art of freedom of the female spirit. Fusing together creativity and versatility, Moose and Finch was created for the everyday child to allow their inner individuality to shine.

Maria’s love and passion for adorning children is evident each time you pick up a garment. Moose & Finch is now a collection, a collection of love for textures, fabrics, prints and colour; a collection of time spent crafting each garment to ensure both you and your child are happy; a collection that has allowed Maria to showcase her creativity and a collection that allows your child the freedom of expression.

Join us on our journey #mooseandfinch