Niño Early Learning Adventures

Family owned and operated, we provide idyllic childcare centres and kindergartens across Melbourne where every child is cherished and empowered to become brave, creative, resilient and kind.

Everything we do is about providing the best start for every child. Our purpose built centres and learning environments are thoughtfully designed to appeal to the curious nature of children. Our holistic approach to curriculum and nutritionally developed seasonal menus ensure children are nourished and inspired to reach their full learning potential.

At Niño, there’s always more to explore through our enhancement programs that provide a world of experiences for children to extend their discovery. Our specialist classes include physical education, Spanish language, mindfulness, yoga and music.

With dedicated and passionate educators, we guide, respect and support children to be all they can be. This is a unique place for children to explore, learn, investigate, discover, create and have fun.

Welcome to Niño, where learning is always an adventure!