Kids online store – When Harlow Met Jagger

1. Petit Monkey Mr Sun + Friends $59.95 | 2. Petit Monkey Melamine Plate Sun $13.95 | 3. Petit Monkey Black And White Animal Poster (Pink) $39 | 4. Petit Monkey Backpack Rainy Days $49.95 | 5. Gardner And The Gang Swirl Dress Fairies And Unicorns $57 | 6. Gardner And The Gang The Skirt Basketball $47 | 7. Sydney Word by Word by Sonny Day/Biddy Maroney $29.99 | 8. Gardner And The Gang Helmut Flamingo Track Suit Jacket $84

When Harlow Met Jagger – are passionate about searching nationally and internationally to find the best quality, fun products that bring a smile to children’s faces and you can be are excited to style through your home. From the time your kids wake through to that special bedtime story, we have you covered with our unique range of children’s clothing, bedding, decor, gifts and toys.

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