Willow & Wood is a family business that creates gorgeous wall hung furniture. Their designs add a beautifully functional piece to your kids room which you can style up to match your child’s personality and taste.

The story behind Willow & Wood:

20 years ago my father helped a then 18 year old build a wall hung bookshelf that, to this day, still sits in my office holding many treasured possessions.  It’s been through 13 moves, 4 coats of paint and wax and is still as strong as ever.  That’s because it was built by hand, built with love and made to last’.

We chat to Rebecca about home life with her kids below:

What is your favourite way to spend time with the kids?

The kids love me being involved with their classes at school and they are so chuffed when Mum comes to school to help out in their class.  Next term I am helping out in a woodwork class for the Kindergarten kids – so right up my alley.


Who inspires you?

People that come from nothing and rise to greatness, while keeping high standards and their dignity


What’s for breakfast?

Pancakes on Saturday mornings and anything we can make in under 2 minutes on school days


What’s your favourite thing to bake?

I wish I had more time to bake but I do love making (I mean eating) apple tea cake.


What’s your favourite bedtime story?

My husband loves to do the bedtime stories for our boys but I particularly love “Traction Man” – he’s very cool.


What is your go to remedy for a tantrum?

I’m not particularly good at reasoning with tantrums but my boys do respond well to me changing the subject by pretending to try and “bite their guts out”.  Boys…strange creatures.


Check out all of Willow & Wood’s beautiful designs on their website here.