1. Set your goal
This one might sound obvious but it’s so important if you want to keep on top of your fitness. Setting a goal for yourself gives you something to work towards, something that you can feel proud of once you achieve it rather than just aimless workouts. Signing up for a charity run is a great starting goal, it’s something that you cant turn back on and you’re not only helping yourself, but helping others too! Another great way to stay on track is signing up to a fitness regime, such as Ashy Bines Bikini Body Challenge! Being part of a team will not only give you motivation, but will keep you from dropping out too.

2. Put on your trainers
Most of the time us mums spend the day running around doing errands, between all this it can be hard to fit in a work out or trip to the gym. But, did you know that even just popping on your trainers while you go about your daily chores will tone your body.

3. Schedule your work outs
Having the time to exercise is a problem that us mums face a lot, and if we’re being honest we often use it as an excuse to justify getting out of our work outs. But, if you want to stick with your fitness you need to MAKE the time for it. Schedule workouts into your life as if they were meetings or doctors appointments, write it on your calendar so you know not to overbook yourself.

4. Treat yourself to new gym gear
Us women will use any excuse to shop. If you feel fabulous in your fitness wear you’re going to want to show it off, so hit the mall and treat yourself to some new gym gear!

5. Start slowly
Slow and steady wins the race right? Don’t push yourself too hard at the start because you’ll either a) burn out too quickly or b) feel as though you can’t reach your goal and want to give up. Start slowly and build on from there, pushing yourself a little further each time you workout.

6. Get moving
Any activity is good activity, even something as simple as a light jog while you do the hoovering or marching on the spot while you wash the dishes, anything is better than standing or sitting still! Make the most of your day by moving as much as possible, especially when you cant fit in a full workout.

7. Make some music
Nothing gets you in the mood like a good tune right!? Spend one evening each week putting together a banger of a playlist that is going to make you want to move, move, MOVE! Upbeat, fast paced songs will get your heart pumping and your legs moving,

8. HIIT it
Unless you’ve been living under a fitness rock, you’ll have heard about HIIT training! High Intensity Interval Training is the current buzz on the exercise scene, it’s all about short bursts of activity that burn big calories and get your heart pumping. HIIT workouts are perfect for us busy mums looking to fit in a quick workout – you can find heaps of easy tutorials from your fave celebs on youtube!

9. Make health a priority
Sometimes as mum’s we often neglect ourselves by always putting our children and partners first, but it’s important to make looking after us a priority too. Our kids are constantly looking up to us, so we need to be setting the best example possible! By making health and fitness a key focus in your life, you’ll make it a key focus for your family too!

10. Imagine yourself amazing
Trying to motivate yourself off the sofa after a tiring day can be hard, but imagine that rocking hot-bod you’ll have at the end of all your hard work and you’ll be motivated in no time! Whenever you feel deflated or run down, just bare in mind that all of your hard work WILL pay off if you stick with your workouts, so keep going girls!!