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3 January, 2022

10 of the Best Essentials for Travelling with Kids in Australia 2022

Travelling with children can be one of the best and hardest things you’ll ever do. There’s no denying the memories you’ll make will be well worth any hurdles you may face, but gosh - the hurdles can be tough!

Travelling with young kids can be especially hard, as long plane rides can be fatiguing, and unfamiliar hotel rooms can be confusing for little minds. Throw in different time zones, and you’re really in for a tired, overwhelmed treat!

What to consider when you’re choosing travel essentials for your kids:


If your trip involves a lot of boarding and disembarking planes and trains, then you may need to think about limiting your luggage as much as possible. Choosing a pram or cot that is designed for travel means that more likely than not they will fold into the overhead compartment on a plane and be able to be carried with a strap over your shoulder. It should also be lightweight.


If every item you choose to bring with you can service your needs in more than one way, then it can more than justify accompanying you on your trip!


What you don’t want is to touch down in your destination and attempt to unpack your portacot, only to be unable to set it up properly! You should choose travel essentials that are easy to use, with a clear and important purpose, that you will likely use more than 20 per cent of the time while away.

Here are 10 of the best essentials for travelling with kids in 2022:

Imagine being able to take a pop-up booster seat for your baby anywhere and everywhere you wanted to go? That is what the Bombol Pop-Up™ Booster allows. 

What makes the Bombol Pop-Up™ Booster different?

What makes the Pop-Up™ Booster from Bombol so innovative, is the fact that it is able to be flattened and then re-shaped into a substantial booster seat, whenever you like. The Pop-Up™ Booster is ultra-light and completely portable. Better still, it’s actually upholstered for extra comfort. 

Why try the Bombol Pop-Up™ Booster?

Sturdy and comfortable, the Bombol Pop-Up™ Booster will give your child the height, safety and comfort they require when eating meals, or sitting on any kind of adult chair. The best part is that it doesn’t take up the room that traditional booster seats do, in fact, it folds down to just the size of a book!


  • Locks instantly into a safe, sturdy 3D structure
  • Withstands 20,000 impacts of 75kg
  • Foldable booster to the size of book
  • Ultra-light: only 950 g
  • Stain, abrasion, odour-resistant finish
  • For kids from approx. 6m
  • Removable 5-point that becomes a 3-point harness
  • Comfy padded seat and backrest
  • Fits almost all adult chairs
  • The bag converts into a cover to protect seats

Real customer reviews:

Bought this about a year ago and have been keeping this in car just in case some of the eating places doesn’t provide baby chair. This is one of the great investment I’ve ever purchased for my kid. It’s convenient, easy set up and quick clean up too. Such a life saver it is.” - AS, November 2021

“Our daughter loves sitting on her Bombol booster - it’s easy to clean, light to carry, really convenient to fold up and set up….and it also comes with its own carry bag that is stylish.

I don’t have to worry about my toddler falling out due to the 5 point safety harness. Love that this product isn’t clunky and clumsy, it’s sleek and durable!” - Tricia Yap, June 2021

A travel cot that pops open in two seconds? That’s how easy the AeroMoov Portacot is to use when you travel.

What makes the AeroMoov Portacot different?

Besides being one of the easiest portacots to erect, it also packs down and fits into a small carry bag. In fact the whole cot weighs less than 5 kg! Which means no more lugging around a heavy travel cot that takes ages to put together.

Why try the AeroMoov Portacot?

Not only is it lightweight and easy to set up and pack down, the AeroMoov is made using the high-quality PU foam mattress, which is 3 cm thick and offers optimum back support. Better still, it comes in two height settings and can be used indoors or outdoors safely.

Real customer review:

“Insanely easy to set up and fold away. It is worth the money for the quality, functionality and ease of use. Very happy with this portacot." - Jessica C 

There has never been a greater need in the world to protect ourselves from disease, and anything we can do to aid that, should be done! The Bombol Blast UV™ Disinfector is a portable yet extremely powerful UV-C disinfector.

What makes the Bombol Blast UV™ Disinfector different?

Is there anything better than a really useful product that doesn’t take up as much space as it should? The Bombol Blast UV™ Disinfector should be a big heavy machine you need to find space for, if size were based off power. However, this powerful disinfector folds down to just the size of a book. 

Why try the Bombol Blast UV™ Disinfector?

The Bombol Blast UV™ Disinfector is not just powerful - it’s effective! In fact, this one, fold-down, entirely portable device is up to 100,000 times more efficient than a regular 99.9% UV-C sanitizer or wet wipes.


  • Inactivates up to 99.9921% of viruses and kills up to 99.999999% of bacteria, in just 5 minutes.*
  • Proven UV-C disinfection technology
  • 3 high-end, gold-plated, sapphire 20mW LED’s with 10 years of daily usage
  • Triple safety sensors to ensure Blast UV™ is correctly sealed
  • UL-F1 certified Porex Virtek® lining prevents UV-C leakage
  • 3 thermochromic indicators guarantee LED's emitted invisible UV-C light
  • Fast and easy foldable design
  • A suspended, transparent surface for 360° disinfection
  • Porex Virtek® lining for ultra-reflective, Lambertian reflection for maximum UV-C disinfection efficiency
  • No harmful chemical residues, no bad ozone smells, no disposable wipes.
  • USB-C powered 

Small, light and agile, Silver Cross Jet makes getting out and about with your baby super easy, no matter how you’re travelling. 

What makes the Silver Cross Jet Black Travel Stroller different?

Updated for 2020, the Silver Cross Jet Black Travel Stroller has a new, ergonomic seat for even better baby comfort, while the new wheel design and improved suspension provide the best ride yet. Jet’s perfect for travelling further afield too. It fits easily in car boots or overhead storage racks and is even cabin approved for all key airlines.

Why try the Silver Cross Jet Black Travel Stroller?


- Super lightweight

- One hand, ultra-compact fold

- Perfect for travelling

- Suitable from birth

- UPF50+ sun protection hood

- Flip-flop friendly brakes


- Jet pushchair

- UPF50+ sun protection hood

- Five point safety harness

- Pull along bumper bar

- Shopping basket

- Protective cover

- Lockable swivel wheels

- Rain cover

Real customer reviews:

Excellent customer service!!! Helpful and prompt service after a minor problem. Have had the silver cross jet pram for over 2 years and take it everywhere. It’s super compact and light. I highly Recommend this brand!” - Jessica H, May 2021

Plane Pal™ is a custom designed inflatable cushion that fills the space between your child’s seat and the seat in front. Plane Pal Packing Pals™ turn a shambolic suitcase into brilliant baggage.

What makes Plane Pal goodies different?

Made from high quality nylon, Plane Pal is lightweight and compact and comes with a pump for stress free, easy inflation after take off. It is designed to give your child extra space and comfort to relax on a plane, without having to worry about their legs dangling down. 

Packing Pals™ make it easy to pack each family member’s clothes in its own separate cube, or keep clothes, shoes and dirty laundry separate.

Why try Plane Pal’s range of travel goodies?

Not just for air trave, Plane Pal can also be used on trains and buses and for car travel. Packing Pals™ are made from strong, lightweight material with mesh top and bottom so you can see what’s inside. The 3 sizes to help you to pack small and large items and fit all sizes of suitcase.

Real customer reviews:

Best product ever, wish I had known of this prior. So useful for travelling with young children! A must for any traveller on long journeys with kids on a plane!!!” - punker_jt, July 2019

“Loved the pillow... so easy to inflate and deflate.. and sturdy enough.” - totocozy, March 2019

With SlumberPod®, long gone are the days of setting up the travel crib in the bathroom or closet to get a good night's sleep.

What makes SlumberPod different?

SlumberPod is a portable, affordable, patent-pending solution for family room-sharing and getting a good night's sleep. The SlumberPod allows you to have your baby in your room without them spying on you as you sleep. It also provides darkness in a room that’s far too light.

Why try the SlumberPod?

Aside from making your baby’s sleep space darker, and ensuring they don’t spy you across the room, the SlumberPod is also available with a fan accessory so that your baby doesn’t overheat.

This is a fabulous accessory to have with you while travelling, as your baby’s sleep space will always remain consistent, giving them a better chance of sleeping - and staying that way!

Real customer reviews:

We seriously could not love this product more. We got it for travel but we've ended up using it constantly for naps at the in-laws and when we have guests over. It's my #1 most recommended baby product and I've purchased several for friends' baby showers. It also is really small when disassembled which I appreciate. Such a smart, simple idea that's truly a game changer.” - Mallory, October 2020

“We bought this when we needed to spend a couple of nights away from home. We had just finished sleep training and didn't want to disrupt our baby's routine. The SlumberPod helped keep her sleeping area dark for naps and bedtime sleep. I love how it packs up really small and folds flat for easy storage.” - BB&B Customer, February 2021

The Redsbaby CONNECT Plus Carrier is the Winner of the Good Design and Red Dot Awards recognising the best in product design and innovation - and for good reason. This is one of the most comfortable carriers for both parent and child.

What makes the Redbaby CONNECT Plus Carrier different?

With four comfortable front and back carry positions, this carrier is suitable for newborns to approximately 20kgs. Redsbaby CONNECT Plus is also hip dysplasia friendly, approved by Healthy Hips Australia and the design allows the weight of the child to be spread across the back and waist evenly, meaning that it’s incredible comfortable for longwear.

Why try the Redsbaby CONNECT Plus Carrier?

The three-layer design (mesh, plush, windbreaker) makes the carrier suitable for all weather conditions, it also contains CONNECT pockets which allow you to feed your hands through and cradle your baby from underneath.

Real customer reviews:

I really like how comfortable this carrier is for both of us. It’s easy to put on and great for all seasons with the different layers. The demo video made it easy to work out how to use it. It’s made of good quality material and the storage bag is really useful. 5 stars from us!” - Adeline, December 2021

I highly rate this carrier. I had tried 3 different carriers with my first baby with absolutely no luck. This time round I did my research and found the redsbaby connect plus had great reviews and is very reasonably priced.

I had no trouble getting it on and found the instructions so simple. Very comfortable and supportive. Definitely recommend ❤❤” - Bec, December 2021

The OiOi Tan Faux Leather Nappy Backpack is a stylish and comfortable way to carry all your baby's needs.

What makes the OiOi Faux Leather Nappy Backpack different?

The adjustable padded shoulder straps make it easy - and comfortable - to sling the backpack over your shoulder. You can also attach it to the pram using the complimentary stroller clips when heading out and about. The OiOi Faux Leather Nappy Backpack comes with handy pockets to corral all your supplies, and it includes a cushioned changing mat, insulated bag for baby's bottle, and a zip-top purse for dirties.

Why try the OiOi Faux Leather Nappy Backpack?


- Made from Premium Faux Leather

- Large zip-around top opening for full and easy access

- Water-resistant finish - wipes clean (both lining & faux leather)

- 8 pockets with zip and elastic closures on exterior and interior - including 2 insulated side pockets for bottles

- Protective metal feet

Real customer reviews:

So much can fit in this nappy bag! It also looks so great and I have received so many compliments from family and friends. Very versatile and I know it will be useful for years to come as my little one grows and changes. Love it!” - Karly G, December 2021

I have a newborn and a toddler. The amount of items I need to take with me is huge. This bag (and I was sceptical) fits everything….and more!!!! Not only does it fit everything I need, it looks amazing!! I will be using this bag for years to come. Highly recommend!!” - Laura, November 2021

The Jiffi Portable Warmer Set is a rechargeable portable baby bottle warmer, which heats in 8-12 minutes.

What makes the Jiffi Portable Bottle Warming Set different?

The Jiffi Portable Warmer encompasses 2 useful products in one. The colourful base is the rechargeable bottle warmer, which connects directly to most bottles and the white top section is the formula dispenser that sits on the base. It can heat a baby's 120ml bottle up to 4 times on a single charge or maintain the temperature of a 120ml bottle for 3-4 hours on a single charge.

Why try the Jiffi Portable Bottle Warming Set?

The 3 selectable water temperatures 37°, 40°, and 45°, allows for the desired water temperature for your baby's milk.

This bottle warmer can be used whilst plugged in to provide parents with a bottle that is ready any time of day or night. (3A/5V Adaptor Required)

Fits over 21 popular brands of wide-neck baby bottles (53mm). See Jiffi FAQ for bottles that connect without an adaptor.

Additional adaptors are available for bottles including Nanobebe, Medela, Tommee Tippee, Dr Browns Narrow Neck, Dr Browns Wide Neck, Pigeon Narrow Neck, NUK wide neck, NUK Super Wide Neck, Pigeon PP Bottles, MAM and Como Tomo

Jiffi incorporates a specially designed formula dispenser that sits on the base for ease of use out and about.

The formula dispenser holds up to 150g of formula - and dispenses in 10g increments per press. Due to each formula company having a specific scoop size RochiLou has created a formula conversion chart to make bottle prep easy with Jiffi. Because our dispenser dispenses 10 grams at a time we have adjusted the water volume needed to make sure your formula to water ratio is always correct.

Real customer reviews:

I purchased the jiffi home bottle warmer and absolutely love it! It’s so easy and takes out the stress and hassle of making sure the water temperature is correct. Being a first time mum this has been life changing. It takes a few minutes to heat up which is great and I actually take it everywhere...even though you need a plug most places I go to have one! Highly recommend this to everyone!” - Michelle, December 2019

“Was given the jiffi bottlle warmer as a gift from a friend and absolutely loved it! So handy to use when out and about and even overnight. With my first baby was always a pain to have to ask for hot water whilst out a restaurant etc to warm my bottle whilst you have a screaming baby. This took the stress out of it and made things so much easier. Half asleep night feeds are also so much easier. Highly recommend!” - Madelyn, November 2019

Whether you’re tackling the chores on your endless to-do list, or just need a spot of precious “me time”, Give Me a Moment Bag will keep your little ones busy and entertained.

What makes Give Me a Moment Bag Busy Bag different?

You don’t need an iPad to entertain your kids during a flight or during a long drive. Beautifully housed in a Give Me a Moment Bag canvas tote, your little one will love getting creative with age-appropriate educational goodies. 

What makes Give Me a Moment Bag different?

From pretend play toys to Playdoh and colouring crayons, the Give Me a Moment Bag kids activity kits are perfect for at home or on the go. Indoors or outdoors, there’s never a boring moment - more educational play for them, more “me time” for you! It’s a win-win. You can also choose a bag for a boy, a girl or a gender neutral bag!

They’ll love having:

  • Pretend play cooking utensils
  • Book to read
  • Activity or colouring-in book
  • Wooden Australian-themed animals x 2
  • Toy for outside play
  • Playdoh and shapes
  • Snack-related item
  • Colouring crayons
  • Puzzle or activity item
  • Soft toy

Real customer reviews:

“This bag was so helpful and definitely gave me a moment. Kids especially loved the Aussie wooden animals!” - Leanne, VIC

“Amazing time saver and thank you, I was able to finish a coffee in peace for once.” - Lisa, NSW

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