Road-Tested: 13 of the Best Baby Monitors and Sensors In Australia In 2024

The Best 10 Baby Monitors And Sensors In Australia In 2023

Selecting the perfect baby monitor is a pivotal step for any new parent seeking peace of mind and security. Finding the right baby monitor or as some might call it, the best babyphone, is not always as clear cut as it seems. It requires balancing your specific needs with the myriad of options available in today’s market.

With so many different baby monitors on the market, it can be overwhelming to think about which baby monitor will bring you the biggest peace of mind, which is essentially what having one is all about.

What should you be looking for when buying a baby monitor?

When it comes to choosing a baby monitor, there are more than a few things to take into consideration. It's not just about picking a gadget; it's about ensuring your baby’s nursery is equipped with a reliable guardian.

First of all, you need to determine how you plan to use your monitor. Below are a few factors to take into account.

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The strategic placement of your baby monitor can make all the difference. Whether it’s resting on a dresser, clipped to the cot’s rail for a close-up view, or mounted high for a bird’s eye perspective, the setup depends on your nursery’s layout and your preference for monitoring your little one. For those looking at elevated positions, a monitor that comes with a cradle or stand might be necessary.

Connection type:

Many baby monitors are connected via wifi, which is an increasingly popular option as it runs off your home's wifi network. The thing to remember to consider is the structure of your home - if your wifi struggles to reach your upstairs bedrooms, odds are the baby monitor will struggle to connect too. For this reason, a Bluetooth connection is a good idea for some. It's always good to consult with a professional before deciding which type of connection to go with.

Viewing options:

Do you need a big screen? Will a smaller screen suffice? Will audio-only do the trick to put your mind at ease?

The size and type of the monitor's screen can greatly influence your experience. Baby monitors with bigger screens will normally be a little more on the expensive side, and that also tends to increase the better the quality of the camera.

On the flip side, if you're willing to go with an audio-only monitor, you'll be able to pick up a good-quality monitor at an affordable price point.

Added features:

Modern baby monitors come packed with functionalities designed to enrich your monitoring experience. From lullabies and white noise to help soothe your baby to sleep, to temperature displays and two-way talk features for instant reassurance, these extras can significantly enhance the usability of your baby monitor.

The vox feature, which activates the camera upon detecting sound or movement, is a thoughtful addition for energy-saving and efficiency.

The Best Baby Monitors in Australia in 2024:

It’s about finding a balance that suits your lifestyle, your home, and most importantly, the safety and comfort of your baby.

Each feature, from connectivity to added extras, plays a role. With the right information and a clear understanding of your needs, selecting the ideal baby monitor becomes not just a decision, but a step towards a safer, more connected nursery.

We have made it just a little bit easier with our curated list of the best baby monitors in Australia.

1. Tweetycam Baby Monitor, $239.00

Tweetycam baby monitor

The Tweetycam Baby Monitor is perfect for those who are looking for the best value for money in a baby monitor, with all the features you would expect in a quality product - sans the hefty price tag!

What makes Tweetycam Baby Monitor different?

Created by a busy Australian Mum who knows all too well the importance of a good night sleep, Tweetycam puts your baby's sleep and wellness at your fingertips. TweetyCam is the perfect sleep companion at a very affordable price range. Best of all the system can grow as your family grows, so TweetyCam is a one-time investment for all your family needs.

The most notable feature of the Tweetycam Baby Monitor, is that it does not need a WiFi connection to operate, so you can stay safe from hackers without ever losing connectivity. The wireless FHSS transmission guarantees a secure and private live-stream only for you - so with Tweetycam you and your baby are fully protected.

Why try Tweetycam Baby Monitor?

• Monitor your baby's entire room on a big screen with high-quality imagery. That’s possible with a real 720P resolution camera, with crystal clear imagery coming through on the LCD 5’’ HD TFT (1280*720 Pixels) monitor screen.

• With more than 12 hours of battery life, Tweetycam allows you to have a real-time view of your baby throughout the day, and throughout the house, all thanks to its hardy power supply of 4000mAh battery.

• Be there when you’re needed. Thanks to our voice activation (VOX) system, you will be alerted immediately when your baby is awake. The monitor and sound will also turn off if your little one is deeply asleep, so you can also rest easy.

If that wasn't enough Tweetycam also packs all of the latest features into a super cute device that can be attached anywhere in your baby's room thanks to the handy flexi mount (extra):

  • Immediate Install - Just plug and play
  • 360° Coverage with a pan tilt function
  • 2X and 4X zoom
  • Advanced night vision, with invisible infrared LEDs
  • Wireless coverage up to a range of 960 feet
  • Create the perfect environment with TweetyCam's temperature monitor
  • Push-to-talk clear, two-way communication
  • Playlist of soothing sounds and sweet lullabies
  • Up to 4 cameras 

Real customer review:

""When I say I never write reviews I mean it… but this baby monitor deserves all the accolades!! It ticks all the boxes that were most important to me: a monitor that worked without WiFi, a camera that I could control from the parent unit, and a high-quality screen with night vision. The playlist of lullabies, two-way communication, and temperature gauge are the added touches I didn't even know I needed. Knowing that I can add more cameras later makes TweetyCam such a great investment. You can tell this monitor was created by a Mum for other Mums. Just brilliant! "" - Norah

2. Peekyboo Baby Monitor & Camera, $229.00

Peekyboo Image Grid Ii

What makes the Peekyboo Baby Monitor & Camera different?

New to the Australian market, Peekyboo is the secure, user-friendly and affordable baby monitor choice for Australian families.

Offering all the safety of a non-WiFi baby monitor with the added functionality of video recording and photo capabilities, the hybrid system delivers smart local video monitoring for complete peace of mind.

As an Australian company dedicated to creating family-focused products and practical tech solutions, the team are so confident that the Peekyboo Baby Monitor offers superior quality that all purchases come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Don’t miss out! Be one of the first to try this innovative new baby monitor while stocks last at EOFY sale prices.

Why try the Peekyboo Baby Monitor & Camera?

Peekyboo Baby Monitor & Camera is ahead of the game in terms of function and innovation! With all the familiar features that parents know and love, enhanced with additional functionality and the latest specifications for keeping an eye on your loved ones.

Check out the incredible list of features of the Peekyboo Baby Monitor & Camera:

  • Plug and Play! Easy set-up straight out of the box; no WiFi, no apps, no hassle.
  • Their 2K camera captures every detail with clarity, displayed on a vibrant 5" HD LCD screen using the latest IPS technology for sharp contrast, colour accuracy and a bright screen at any angle of viewing.
  • A wide-angle lens, powerful 4X zoom and 360° Remote Pan & Tilt give you a window into every corner of your baby’s tiny world. Prepare to observe every giggle and wriggle in vivid detail!
  • Day fades into night seamlessly with infrared night vision that delivers crystal-clear images even in the darkness of starry nights.
  • Smart features like a long battery life, extended 400-meter range, Voice Activation, Sound & Temperature Alerts and Audio Only mean you can stay alert to your baby's needs all throughout your home, without unnecessary screen time or constant charging.
  • Two-way audio with echo cancellation means your comforting words are never far and six lullaby and white noise tracks have been selected to lull your baby into a peaceful slumber.
  • From cherishing all the cute wriggly moments to understanding your baby’s movements during sleep, stunning 2K Motion Detection and Continuous Loop Recording stores every little development for safekeeping, even if you missed it in real-time. Playback directly on the Peekyboo monitor to relive precious memories with ease.
  • Connect up to four cameras to one Peekyboo monitor for a multi-room experience. Display all connected cameras simultaneously on the Peekyboo monitor, choosing from options like “split-screen” and “multi-camera cycling”.
  • Their robust hardware ensures Peekyboo can withstand the wear and tear of busy family life and is designed to suit every nursery décor.
  • Users are at the heart of our designs, created with insight and drawing on the expertise of leading manufacturers in baby monitoring technology.
  • Alongside their promise to deliver quality products, Peekyboo is committed to supporting the well-being of parents through their dedicated customer support network, as well as the health of our communities and our planet through their pledge to ‘1% for the Planet’, their ethical manufacturing and low-carbon delivery services.

Real customer reviews:

"I recently had the opportunity to try out Peekyboo, and I must say, I'm thoroughly impressed. The user-friendly interface makes it incredibly easy to set up and use, even for someone like me who isn't particularly tech-savvy. One of the standout features for me was the affordability. As a new parent, finding quality baby products that don't break the bank can be a challenge, but Peekyboo offers both quality and affordability, which is a winning combination. Moreover, I have to mention the design. Not only is Peekyboo functional, but it also looks great in our nursery. The modern design blends with our decor, adding a stylish touch to the room." - Lisha, April 2024
"It's been great using Peekyboo, to 'peek' into the room as we have just moved our girls (1, 4) in together. We set-up two cameras so we can see both girls and make sure they aren't waking each other up! Easy to set-up and has lots of options for customisation of settings and alarms (noise, temperature, time). Recordings have been handy to review if everyone slept in their own beds! It's pretty nice being able to just 'shush' the baby back to sleep through the microphone without having to get out of bed." - Ruth, April 2024

Visit the Peekyboo website to learn more, or to connect with the friendly customer support team.

3. babystudio Sonno - 5"/12.7cm Crystal Clear Baby Monitor, $249.95

sonno baby monitor

What makes the babystudio Sonno - 5"/12.7cm Crystal Clear Baby Monitor different?

As we know, watching your little one 24/7 can be a challenging task! The babystudio Sonno - 5"/12.7cm Crystal Clear Baby Monitor has been designed by parents for parents to bring you added peace of mind anytime, anywhere.

Have ultimate visualisation of multiple spaces thanks to the ability to be able to connect up to 4 cameras simultaneously. Plus the room temperature monitoring allows you to ensure your baby stays comfortable all night long. Rely on 5m infrared night light vision, alarms and noise monitoring, plus two-way communication to ensure you can monitor your baby properly!  

Why try babystudio Sonno - 5"/12.7cm Crystal Clear Baby Monitor?


  • Crystal Clear colour screen with night vision
  • Deluxe 10.9cm screen
  • Compatible with up to 4 cameras
  • Pan and tilt camera
  • 2-way communication
  • Room Temperature display
  • 300m transmission
  • 5m Infrared Night Vision
  • Alarms and noise monitoring
  • 8 lullabies
  • Wi-Fi remote pan/tilt/zoom HD 720P camera
  • Wi-Fi connected for remote viewing on your iOS and Android devices using the Project Nursery App
  • Record video and snap photos; no cloud storage or app fees
  • Temperature sensor and push notifications for sound, motion and temperature alerts
  • This camera is not compatible with other Project Nursery Monitor Systems
""Easy to use and lots of great functions. Pairs with several cameras at one time and I can talk to my baby through the monitor which is handy. Would highly recommend.""

The best features:

The Roger Armstrong Sleep Easy Deluxe Crystal Clear Baby Viewer is jam-packed with features; including an infrared night-vision camera, a large sharp and 9cm LCD colour display. You can use the monitor with up to 4 cameras, up to 300m range, range alarm, 2-way communication, and room temperature display. You also have the capability to set min/max temperature levels, engage with the talk to baby function, and set the soothing lullabies. This monitor comes with a low battery warning, power saving mode, night light, parent’s unit clip and stand, feeding time alarm, and best of all - is simple to set-up!

5. Glow Dreaming Glow Perfect Sleep Sensor, $139.95

1  Glow Dreaming Glow Perfect Sleep Sensor

Set the perfect conditions for a great night’s sleep. The Glow Dreaming Glow Perfect Sleep Sensor gives real time information to make sure your baby is always sleeping at a safe temperature. 

What makes Glow Perfect Sleep Sensor different?

Glow Dreaming’s smart sensor technology will not only advise you of the temperature and humidity level of your child’s sleeping space - but there’s no need to stress about what to dress them in any longer!

The Glow Dreaming Glow Perfect Sleep Sensor informs you of the best TOG based on the conditions of your child’s sleep space, not based on the weather outside. Easy to set up and use with each sensor being fully portable! 

Why try Glow Dreaming Glow Perfect Sleep Sensor?

Temperature and humidity are the two most critical factors you can control in any baby's room, and the Glow Dreaming Glow Perfect Sleep Sensor allows you to monitor this from anywhere in the house, ensuring conditions are always conducive for a safe and comfortable sleep.

The remote sensor is small and can be safely placed in the baby's room.

If you need to see into more than one room, you can pick up a Glow Room Sensor for a second room, and it will feed to the same monitor, so you can be alerted to the temperature and humidity levels of two rooms at once.

Key features:

  • Always know that your child’s bedroom has the perfect sleep conditions.
  • When outside perfect zone you will notified via the touch screen.
  • Batteries and plug in for constant monitoring.
  • Adjust the room so baby sleeps through the night.
  • Gives real time information.
  • One monitor can monitor up to 3 rooms, with additional sensors
  • Frequency used is 433MHZ. This is the same frequency used for headphones, baby monitors and remote controls. It is the safest and lowest power radio frequency.

Shop Glow Dreaming:

6. Tommee Tippee Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor, $399.00

4  Tommee Tippee Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor

The 190° horizontal pan, 80° tilt and 120° field of vision HD camera offers a wide-angle view of your baby’s sleeping environment, and makes it a parent’s best friend during baby’s sleep! This is why the Tommee Tippee Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor is the monitor you need!

What makes the Tommee Tippee Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor different?

A baby’s surroundings can affect the quality of their sleep and disrupt their sleeping patterns. With built-in temperature, humidity and light sensors, the Tommee Tippee Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor will accurately detect if your baby’s room is too warm, cold or light.

The 2-way audio feature allows you to speak directly to your baby from a distance and the built-in speaker allows you to comfort and soothe your child with pink noise and pre-set set lullabies or personalised recordings.

The 2 intelligent microphones, one on the back and one on the front of the unit detect all noises made in baby’s room but are clever enough to distinguish between sounds made by baby and other background noises. This enables you to decide whether your intervention is required, therefore minimising disturbance for both you and your baby.

Why try Tommee Tippee Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor?

The parent pod notifies and shares what matters to you:

Connect to our smart app to customise your sound, temperature, humidity and light comfort levels and by communicating with the baby unit, the intelligent parent pod will only notify you when any of these factors fall outside of your comfort zones. The wireless parent pod is so much more than a traditional audio monitor, using coloured lights & sound to notify you of changes to baby and the nursery.

When notified, you can then open the app to learn more about the disturbance before deciding whether you want to take any action. The pause function freezes all notifications for up to 20 minutes while you decide what action to take.

Supplied with a USB-C cable, the rechargeable device provides 6-7 hours of wireless use. The unit can be used while charging or unplugged and taken anywhere in your home up to a range of 80m.

The smart app makes sense of everything:

Connect to the Tommee Tippee supporting app and live stream crystal clear colour video and audio from your baby’s room directly to your i-OS or Android smartphone or tablet from wherever you are in the world. Baby at home with babysitters or the grandparents are stepping in to do bedtime while you work late? Log into the app and check in on them whenever you like. The 1080p full HD video quality provides you with real-time, crystal clear images and the 3x digital pinch zoom allows you close-up views of those snoozes, smiles and giggles.

The app tracks the sound, temperature, humidity and light levels in baby’s sleep environment and measures them against baby’s disturbance patterns so you can identify the reasons for any disruption. Featuring a multi-user function, you can share your device with friends and family. Compliant with international security standards, the Tommee Tippee app uses two-factor authentication for your privacy and protection, so you can rest assured that only you and your loved ones can hear and see your baby.

Special offer for One Fine Baby visitors:

Enjoy $90 off the Tommee Tippee Dreamsense Smart Baby Monitor. Offer will be applied at checkout.

Real customer reviews:

"“Love love love this product. Over my three kids I have used these different cameras. The Dreamsense is by far the best. The camera works well and the image is clear but it is so much more than that. It monitors the temperature, brightness and humidity of the room and it lets you create parameters of when you want to be alerted. It also can tell the difference between the sound of your baby and environmental sound. You monitor through your app which means I can watch my babies when my husband has the kids and I am not at home but it also has the parent pod which gives you a quick way at telling if everything isn't well in the room. 10/10.”" - Rachael C
"“This product is a life saver for first time mums like myself. I have just moved my three month old into his room and noise pod has really helped with all my separation anxiety as it helps distinguish noises as well the environment temperature. The visual is super clear and daily reports I get about his sleep is really handy.”" - Lauren
""My son was recently diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic at 2 years old one week before I gave birth to his baby sister. With his diagnosis, I have been overly anxious and worried about her health. The Smart Sock gives me some peace of mind and helps me to relax knowing I will be alerted if anything is wrong with her heart rate or breathing in the middle of the night. It has been such a great purchase!"" - JaxandAinsmom,

The best features:

  • Know your baby is okay: Track your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep using clinically-proven pulse oximetry, and be notified if something appears to be wrong. Have complete peace of mind knowing you can keep track of your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels from anywhere.

  • Worry less and sleep better: The Smart Sock connects to a base station that glows green letting you know everything is okay, but uses lights, sounds and app notifications if heart rate or oxygen levels are too high or too low. Parents can sleep better and have less anxiety knowing they'll be made aware if levels go outside of preset zones.

  • Convenient, easy-to-use: Each unit includes 3 washable socks that comfortably wrap around the baby's foot and connect to a base station up to 100 ft. away without wires. Socks fit most infants from 0-18 months or 6-25 pounds and should be hand washed regularly and alternated from right to left foot each night. Always keep the base station at least three feet away from your baby's crib.

  • Smart phone app: See real-time heart rate and oxygen levels on multiple phones using Owlet's cloud-connected app. Free iOS & Android apps available. New history tab provides parents with historical trends for heart rate and oxygen and sleep tracking--see how long and how well baby slept.
""I love how it can be easily positioned to attach to the side of the crib and it comes with little cable rails that you can use to cover the cord along the back side of the cot so there are no strangulation hazards. It can also be wall mounted on a cute “twig” and I was even able to just curl the bottom of the tail to create a little stand and just had it sitting on a dresser. Overall, this product is very versatile with respect to installation methods. The picture quality is amazing (including the night vision). I can easily tell if my baby is moving or standing up. I also love that my phone doubles as the parent unit because the recurring issue with my previous monitor was that the charging cord kept breaking/not holding a charge rendering it useless! I won’t have this issue with the Lollipop camera. You can also turn off the video and just use it as a sound monitor which really helps with battery life! We already had a wifi extender set up in my home to improve our signal in our 3 story house and I have no problem getting a signal when I’m in the basement. Other features I like are the ability to speak to the baby through the app and trigger music to be played in the nursery. Overall I would recommend this monitor to any new mum in search of a high quality baby monitor!""

The best features:

  • Fast and easy set-up: Setting up the camera is fast and easy. Bend the tail and wrap the camera anywhere. Simply connect your baby camera to your phone using our app Lollipop, compatible with both iOS and Android systems.

  • Advanced night vision: Worried about baby sleeping in his own room? Watch your baby at night with our advanced infrared night vision!

  • Multi-streaming: Want to keep an eye on more than 1 kid? Watch everywhere at the same time with our multi-streaming feature! You can add as many cameras as want (Additional cameras sold separately).

  • Crossing and crying detection: Worried about baby climbing out of the crib or crying when you’re not around him? Get notifications when your baby cries, climbs out of the crib or makes loud noises!

  • Sleep tracking feature: Sleep tracking for free in Lollipop Care Package! 30-day free trial guaranteed, get your sleep cycle back on track!

Perfect for:

Those who are looking for a clear image and a camera that senses motion and enables you to soothe baby with lullabies and a parent talk back function.

The best features:

  • 5" smart video baby monitor
  • crystal clear HD display
  • motorized pan-tilt camera
  • smart home app with 24hr cloud and sd card recording
  • portable and rechargeable HD camera
  • motion detection
  • parent talk back
  • infrared night vision
  • soothing lullabies and white noise
  • temperature alerts
  • operation time up to 8hours (with screen off and VOX on)
  • rechargeable batteries in both the parent and camera unit
  • wall mountable
  • 2 year warranty
""The past few weeks, I have been calmer. With my new Cubo AI, I can see and hear her from my phone. I can let the sound play in the background while I scroll Instagram, or I can cut the sound off and know that I’ll get an alert if Viv cries, or her face is covered by anything, or it gets too hot. "⁠"

The best features:

The first baby monitor to apply A.I. to Baby Sleep, Safety, and Memories. The Cubo's A.I. Safety Detection grows with baby for Covered, Face, Crying, Sleep Analytics, Auto Photo Capture, and lots more.

Ai Baby Safety Detection• Covered Face, Rollover Detection

  • Danger Zone Detection HD Night Vision• Sony STARVIS CMOS Sensor
  • 1080p HD + 135° Wide Angle Lens
  • Auto Light Sensitivity Adjustment
  • No Visible Red Light Moments Capture• Ai Auto Photo Capture (5-10/day)
  • Auto updated Moments Wall
  • Save photo & video from livestream
  • Saved replays of Notification Event Sleep Monitoring and Soothing• Sleep Analytics (free 1 day report)
  • 18hr playback + event tag
  • Built-in Lullabies Thoughtful Additions• Cry Detection
  • Temperature & Humidity Detection
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Night Light
  • Stands Grows with Baby Bank-Level Security• Enterprise Level Security
  • Secure Video Stream
  • Encrypted Data Protection Cubo App• Background Audio
  • Bird-Chirping Alert Sound
  • Family Sharing
  • Up to 8 concurrent login users
  • Multiple Camera Support
  • Smart Home Integration
  • 2-Factor Authentication
""I absolutely love our new Arlo Baby Monitor! I was a little nervous to purchase a camera without remote pan and tilt, but you do not need it with the Arlo. If you mount it high enough on the wall you can see the entire room! The clarity of the camera is amazing. I can zoom in on her bed to see what she is doing and it doesn’t get grainy like our old monitor did. Zoom functions on most baby monitors are useless but not with this one! My daughter loves the night light on it and I love that you can adjust the dimness on it. You can even pick what color you want the night light to be. I chose red because studies show red helps your brain to relax. I’ll do what ever it takes to get my toddler to settle down for the night! She also loves that it plays music. It is pretty decent sounding, not electronic sounding like other monitors that I’ve seen play music. You can even set the music to a timer. Initial set up to our internet was a little tricky but it is perfect now. I haven’t had any issues of it going offline. I love that I can check in on her on my iPhone when we have a babysitter. It’s nice to see she is all settled in her bed. For the sitter to view, we have the Arlo app on our iPad Air. It looks great on that big screen! I am very happy with my choice to try out a new monitor. We switched to this one when our old Infant Optics died and we loved that one, so that says something right there!""

The best features:

  • 1080P HD video quality - view live or recorded videos in excellent detail and rich Color, from anywhere in the world
  • 2-way wireless talk - comfort and talk to your baby from anywhere, whether you’re at the office or in the living room
  • Advanced night vision - near-invisible Infrared LEDs let you see your baby clearly even in total darkness
  • 2 way wireless talk - comfort and talk to your baby from anywhere
  • Works with Alexa, Apple home Kit; Google assistant, IFTTT
""Baby is finally here and we wanted a baby monitor that we see not just hear. We also wanted a monitor we could both easily see what is happening, even one of us went back to work. The fact that it uses an app is great feature, because now our phones become the monitors and we have full control of the camera through the Project Nursery app PLUS 2-way communication is a nice feature. Some other features that we really like are the really clear night vision, the temperature so we know if its too hot or too cold in the baby's room, and being able to set visual and noise sensitivity through the app. (If the baby moves or crys, we get an alert on the app). When we set it up, I will say this though, make sure you read directions, hubby tried to "just" set it up and skipped an important step that delayed the setup process, once we read through the directions we found what he missed and it was seemless on his Android devices and my iPhone. We are really happy with our purchase.""
""We adore this baby video monitor. Good value. The video is very clear and striking. I cherish that it has night vision so you can at present observe the child with the lights off. The little size is incredible for portability. And keeping in mind that it accompanies a charger, we're infamous for losing chargers so I was happy to see it takes a customary mini usb that you can discover anyplace. Just in the event that we lose it! Additionally, you can push a button to talk with your child through the screen. It can be mounted on the wall effectively with only one screw or it can simply be determined to a household item. It has a base and a turning head so it's anything but difficult to get a decent point on child. We have the tighten the wall over her bunk yet then it effectively slips off on the off chance that you need to take it to another room. I like this since I place her in her swing a considerable measure and it's in another room so I flip it off the screw and simply set it on a household item in the other room. It doesn't need to be genuine near the child to get a decent view, so it's anything but difficult to discover some place to set it up pretty much anyplace. Extraordinary value! Very much re seasonable price when to major Brands and they are no less than double the cost and still appear like old innovation. Couldn't be more joyful with this decision!""

The best features:

  • 3.2" LCD DISPLAY & 2.4GHz WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY: This video baby monitor is equiped a 3.2 inch TFT LCD display and connected to the baby camera via enhanced 2.4GHz wireless technology — Using frequency-hopping and digital encryption technology to insure the security and reliability.
  • INFRARED NIGHT VISION & TEMPERATURE MONITORING: Rest assured knowing you can see your baby day and night, including overnight, with automatic night vision. Remote in-room temperature display lets you know your baby is comfortable and safe.
  • TWO-WAY TALKING & 960ft TRANSMISSION RANGE: The monitor covers a transmission range of up to 960 feet (tested in open air). You could play 8 soothing lullaby songs or use the two-way talkback intercom function to comfort your babies.
  • MULTI-TRANSMITTER CAPABILITY: One monitor can pair with 4 camera, parent can select which camera to monitor or scan the camera one by one.

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Extraordinary value! Very much re seasonable price when to major Brands and they are no less than double the cost and still appear like old innovation. Couldn't be more joyful with this decision!"

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