Baby Loves Sleep

Night waking and losing sleep for the first few months is part of being a new parent to a gorgeous new baby. Caring for your own baby, you're expected to have interrupted sleep for some time as your baby navigates this new world and needs feeding and care throughout the night to grow and thrive. However sometimes the night waking wears on and on, month after month, and both Mum and baby become desperately tired and frustrated as the lack of rest starts to take its toll.

And this is how Baby Loves Sleep began! Armed with an idea and a sewing machine, the Baby Sleepsuit was created - roomy enough for arm movement, but with just enough resistance to keep the startle reflex from waking baby.

Since then, several other innovative sleep solutions have joined Sleepy Hugs. The swaddle wrap has been reinvented by Baby Loves Sleep to gently keep arms within its calming layers and the Hands In & Out sleep suit allows for babies who enjoy self-soothing with their hands, but also need their startle reflex calmed. We even have an ingenious Toddler Cozy Suit!

Baby Loves Sleep is committed to providing innovative sleep products to parents worldwide, through all stages of your baby’s development.


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