My Baby Moments is the brain-child of Beck and Ains – two young mums from Sydney. They have developed the products, blog, community and website with the aim of helping families to mark and celebrate the special moments of their baby and toddler.

Beck is mum to Bonnie and Ains is mum to Levi – both littlies are One and we chat to the girls below about life as a mum and a small business owners.


What is your favourite way to spend time with the kids?

A: At parks and places where Levi can run free, climb and experience new things. He is a really active kid and so he is at his best when we are out and about playing. Oh and if there are friends there too, then we are all in our element!

B: My favourite way to spend time with Bonnie is to journey through the day with nothing to do but explore and enjoy what we find. I love the way walking at her pace helps me to see what she see’s. Bonnie is developing so much in her imagination right now and it is a truly marvelous space to play in. I love to read her stories, hug the trees like her Auntie taught her, eat her imaginary cooking, listen to her as she tells me her babbled version of things and request endless kisses and cuddles because at the moment these are the things that bring her joy.


Who inspires you?

The whole idea: We really have been inspired by our babies. There would be no mybabymomentss if there were no babies. We had our little ones 10 days apart and have really done the whole journey together. As our children started to have firsts and milestones we would celebrate together.

Going out on a limb: Our Mother’s have also inspired us. They are both incredible women who show us how to be brave and bold and courageous, because this is what they have done everyday of our lives.

Sticking at it and making it better: We are so thankful for our incredibly supportive husbands. When we come home and our knees are shaky, they stand with us and remind us of who we are and what we can do. They believe in us and our business. They know us and are our cheer squad. And you know, when someone believes in your potential that much, you rise to the occation because they have inspired you to do so. We are just so thankful to have them championing us on.

Harper - first tooth

What’s for breakfast?

A: coffee. coffee… And in that order. Then, after that I might have a slice of toast. Nothing too fancy for me!

B: Everyday is different. I’m not a die-hard ceral fan. Yesterday was a toast, ricotta, berry, cinnamon, walnuts day. Today was a coffee. Tomorrow i’ll be having natural yoghurt, topped with granola muesli, cinnamon, berries and pear. I’m already looking forward to it. Yum!

What’s your favourite thing to bake?

A: Bake? sorry, is that a form of cooking. I don’t really bake or cook. It’s for the best really!!

B:  At the moment I am going back to the basics. I’m working through all my bread recipes until I find the one I like the best. Same for pastry and sponge. I was finding I had too many versions of each recipe, so i’m looking to narrow them down until I find “the one.” Next on the list is Christmas cake, pudding a fruit mince so they have enough time to become nice and boozy for Christmas.


What’s your favourite bedtime story?

A: At the moment, he loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

B: We are loving Stick man, by Julia Donaldson, A Squash and a Squeeze by Axel Scheffler, Each Peach Pear Plum, by Janet & Allen Ahlberg, and Alison’s animal noises book set. For my bedtime story, haha, I’m reading The Fault in our Stars by John Green.

What is your go to remedy for a tantrum?

A: Oh dear! We are just entering this realm but so far, we’ve had some epic ones. I usually give him a little bit of space and reassure him that “I understand you want… xyz”. After a while, I’ll mention one of the 3-B’s to bring him back – ball, bike, or bottle. A guitar or the wiggles also does the trick.

B: At the moment most tantrums are stemming from feeling frustrated that I have not understood her properly. I find kneeling down and holding her hands, looking her in the eyes and telling her, “Mummy’s listening. Tell me again. I’m listening.” will immediately stop the loud screaming fuss. She will use her “words” and tell me again. We then work together until we have worked it out. Even if the answer is a firm “No!” from me, just being understood is often enough. I shower encouragement when she calms down to talk about it.


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