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24 April, 2020

Baby Reflux + Colic, Telehealth, Eczema and Catnapping with Dr Sarah Gleeson from Family HQ

Today we had a great chat with Dr Sarah Gleeson from Family HQ who helped to answer some of our readers questions about Colic, Reflux, Catnapping, Eczema, Telehealth and Tongue and Cheek ties. We currently have our video on IGTV over at our instagram page One Fine Baby which is really worth listening to as Dr Sarah Gleeson gives us some amazing tips and education on the topics below.

You can also find a detailed recap of what Telehealth is and learn more about it from Dr Sarah Gleeson HERE.

In the meantime here's a recap of what we learned today:

Top Tips

If your baby is not putting on weight and are not feeling themselves, trust your gut instincts and see your GP.

Find someone trained in Neuroprotective Developmental Care

The Discontented Little Baby Book is an amazing resource to help you understand your baby and motherhood journey.

Don't judge your performance as a parent on how much they sleep.

1. Colic, Wind + Reflux

- This is an over diagnosed problem.
- Gastroesophageal reflux disease is where there is inflammation in the food pipe and these babies need the medicine however this is a very small amount of the population.
- No scientific evidence to prop the babies upright
- Sometimes the babies just want to be held
- Baby carriers are a great way to manage an unsettled baby, and give you 2 free hands.
- Get your breastfeeding technique or bottle feeding checked out to see what's really going on.

2. Eczema

- This is very common and can be treated very well with topical steroids.
- Keep the skin moisturized with Sorbolenes, Vitamin E, QV bath oil is one that Dr Sarah Gleeson recommends and avoiding anything soap based.
- Don't overheat the baby or have hot baths as can cause dry skin and flare up.
-If moisturising and soap free washes don't work, try a low dose cortisone cream, which is safe and is the "gold standard" of managing eczema. This is a very safe medicine. Look for 1% hydrocortisone at your chemist and if still not working go and see your GP.

3. Cat Napping

- This is very normal behavior.
- Dr Sarah Gleeson recommended the Discontented Little Baby Book. She wishes knew about this book before her first baby but only found out about it on her second baby. It would have changed everything.
- Babies will get the sleep they need. Trust in that.
- Consider baby wearing like slings and baby carriers, bouncers and taking the baby for a walk in their pram.
- A safe carrier will position your baby so that you can kiss their head.

Sarah gave us some practical tips to prepare for your Doctors appointment over the phone. Things that you can do at home will really help your Doctor make an accurate assumption:

-Strip them down and weigh them, you can use kitchen scales or your own scales with you holding bub and then deducting your own weight.
-Take the baby's temperature before the appointment
-Measure how fast your baby's heart is going, put your hand under baby's left nipple and count how many beats in 60 seconds.
-Look at the way they are breathing
-Count how many breaths they take in 60 seconds.
-Look in baby's mouth- is it nice and wet?
-Are wees and poos the normal amount.
-Any rashes or lumps and bumps.

5. Tongue and cheek ties

Another over diagnosed issue with only 2% of all babies that have a clinically significant tongue tie. Breastfeeding and bottle feeding assessment should be done first, there are usually a couple of tips you can do to fix the issue.

Want to see how Family HQ works?

Their app will be ready for testing in about 8 weeks. If you would like to sign up to test the app for them, provide some honest feedback and suggest new features then head to their website www.familyhq.com.au to sign up to the early adopter list. This will put you in the running to win a lifetime premium subscription.

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