Beau Hudson is an Australian online label that sells fashion accessories for your little styler!

Sash is mum to two very stylish little boys and her love for being creative and accessorising is how the brand Beau Hudson was born. The brand name is inspired by her two little boys Halen Beau and Duke Hudson and is very fitting for the bold colours and striped designs.

Beau Husdon has a range of stylish, comfortable and practical clothes and accessories from beanies and bowties to scarfs and suspenders.

The two little boys are setting trends at a young age and are just too adorable not to follow all their antics and fashionable outfits on Beau Hudson’s social media pages.

Here we talk to Sash from Beau Hudson to find out a little bit more about their family life.

What is your favourite way to spend time with the kids? 

Anywhere they can explore! They have the biggest imagination, ask so many questions, and we just have the best time together!

Even if its a local lake, or park or even a walk around where we live! I love watching the boys just be boys! :)


What’s for breakfast?

For the boys? Porridge or wheetbix everymorning…except the weekends- then they can have a “special cereal”- but only on weekends

(or at grandma’s!)

For me? COFFEE! Lol!

What’s your favourite thing to bake?

My fav thing to bake is chewy choc chip cookies…or Banana Caramel Pie! (Its dangerous having it in the fridge!


What is your favourite bed time story?

I have a massive fear of spiders, and was given a kdis book years ago (long before I was married or had kids) from a friends mum called “AGHHHH SPIDER!”

as it reminded her of me and how I screamed everytime I saw one!! lol! I always kept it, and then brought it out for my kids and its def become a fav bed time story!

They love turning the page saying “AGHHHH SPIDER” and we’ve read it so much they can recite every page :)

What is your go to remedy for a tantrum?

Well, theres many methods depending where we are, and what the tantrum is about! ha!

A big one is I will put out 2 hands. In one hand is one option, and the other hand is another option. (For example- if Halen is throwing a tantrum (and can be big tantrums!!) about wanting to have

a packet of chips or a treat instead of having his sandwich for lunch, I will calmly give him 2 option: In 1 hand I say he can have a sandwich, and if he eats it all he can

have a treat after. In the second hand he gets just a sandwich and nothing after because he is throwing a tantrum. He gets to choose a hand. Both hands aren’t what he wanted

first- but he can either choose one of them, or if he chooses non- then he gets nothing. He has learnt quickly with it- and will normally always choose a hand- and in most cases its the hand which

we both win in! My 22 month old is a bit younger, so that isn’t really a workable method for him yet! But he watches his brother very carefully so it wont be long until he’s ready for the hands too :)

But- sometimes, just the good old fashioned time out works a treat!!


To purchase your own piece of Beau Hudsons range visit their website here.