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7 January, 2022

The Best 16 Baby Clothing Brands in Australia in 2022

When it comes to finding baby clothing, there are two very distinct stages a parent goes through. The first is sifting through the drawers trying to find something that's easy to whip on, isn't stained and gives easy access to the nether regions come change time. The second is once they get a bit older, and you start to experiment with a few different styles, maybe even a few accessories - and generally you just get to play dress ups with the cutest model out.

So when it comes to choosing clothing for your baby, there are a few things you need to consider.

What should I look for when buying baby clothes?

It's incredibly easy to be swayed by a pretty pattern or miniature version of something you might have yourself, but when looking to purchase clothes for your baby, there are a few rules you need to follow.

- Longevity matters

Is your baby going to wear these clothes for three months or three minutes? Babies grow REALLY fast in the first year of their lives, so it's important not to spend too much money on newborn clothing that will only service you for a few weeks at best!

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- Look for features that work for you

Onesies with button press studs are very cute, and if you have the patience to be tending to that over newborn baby screams - my hat goes off to you. For the rest of us, there's two-way zippers. Up, down, nappy change, voila! No harm, no fowl. Also look for jumpers with buttons on the shoulders as opposed to the back, as these can be uncomfortable for baby to sleep on. And we want baby to sleep - am I right?!

- Brand sizing matters

When it comes to baby clothing, it pays to look into size charts to ensure you're getting it right. Some 0-3 month onesies may not fit your baby until they're closer to 6 months old. It just happens, So make sure you whip out your tape measure and check the size guide before buying!

- Invest in staples

Like when you're shopping for your own wardrobe, the same rule surrounding staples applies. You should have a selection of core bodysuits, pants and tops that will work together with other items in your baby's wardrobe. You can definitely also invest in cool designs and trendy styles, but ask yourself if you have items that will go with these pieces ready to go? Otherwise that sequin jacket is going to sit in that kid's wardrobe and collect dust.

In no particular order, here are 16 of the best baby clothing brands in Australia in 2022:

1. Goldie + Ace

Goldie + Ace is a new Australian designed baby clothing label with a focus on quality fabrics in simple, easy to wear shapes. Their philosophy is one of quality over quantity, buy less, wear it more and pass it on. The unique range has a cool whimsical vibe with the vision to let kids be kids, available in sizes 0 up to 4. Made using the softest yarns and dyes to care for young skin, all baby clothes are designed in Australia with a promise not to shrink, stretch, fade or pill. An obsession with ensuring each individual garment is made to perfection means Goldie + Ace’s soft, high-quality clothes are made to last. Goldie + Ace are proud to work with talented local artists to develop our gorgeous prints

The Goldie + Ace vibe:

Whimsical, cool, vintage clothing for babies!

Shop the best of Goldie + Ace:

2. OiOi

OiOi began in 1997 by Lisa Bennetts who had the goal to create a new generation of designer nappy bags. She is now joined by her daughter Isabella, the baby who inspired her first design, to bring you more award-winning products from the brand parents trust. The range has expanded to include stroller organisers, pram liners, change mat clutches and bamboo baby clothes.

OiOi have created a beautiful range of viscose from bamboo baby clothing. This lightweight material is soft to the touch and hypoallergenic for your little one’s sensitive skin. Viscose from bamboo baby clothing has many great benefits for both mum and bub, and with a range of patterns, we are sure to have something to suit everyone.

The OiOi vibe:

Fun designs and pretty prints. Functional, gorgeous every day wear clothes for babies.

Shop the best of OiOi:

3. Infamous Swim

Infamous Swim is a leading Australian label for women who want to feel empowered in their swimwear no matter what stage of life. They believe in family, friendship and quality swimwear, and they know confident women stand out naturally.

Excitingly, the new range of INFAMOUS & Mini Swim has launched. A chic collection of matching swimwear for mothers and their daughters. For girls who want to be like their mumma. For the mum whose daughter is her everything!

The Infamous Swim vibe:

Cool girl by the pool, up on the latest trends, and instagram-savvy, with the best pics going around!

Shop the best of Infamous Swim:

5. Indigo & Lellow

Indigo & Lellow's eco-friendly organic baby clothes are designed to be gentle and kind to your baby’s skin.

Indigo & Lellow aims to lessen the heartache, time and costs involved with having a newborn who suffers from allergies and sensitive skin by providing parents with organic clothing for babies who need a little extra care.

Indigo & Lellow use GOTS certified organic cotton in their range as it is kind to sensitive skin; luxurious, super soft and most importantly does not have any toxic chemicals included. They’ve designed their ranges of baby clothes to work with each other to try and slow down this fast fashion cycle and stop people thinking of fashion as a perishable item. As well as being practical, their prints are gender neutral so the clothes can be used again and again and passed down.

The Indigo & Lellow vibe:

Ethical, gender-neutral baby clothing that's suitable for everyone. Kind of like the cool friend that just doesn't try very hard.

Shop the best of Indigo & Lellow:

6. Banabae

Friends Alana and Jaz found themselves with new babes in arms, on maternity leave and totally uninspired by the baby linens on offer. Both retro lovers, bush and beach explorers and new mama's meant that the birth of Banabae was one that came oh so easily. They launched with a range of colourful, retro inspired and ethical swaddles. It just so happens that a lot of people felt the same way and loved to wrap their babes and fill their home with fun, positivity and eco conscious homes-wares.

The team at Banabae value connection and positivity in how they design, how they make, and how they communicate. From design, to an understanding of fibres, production, to the way they sell and their charitable giving. These connections allow them to create products with soul. Banabae is always looking on the bright side. Designing products to make you smile and that have a positive impact on the planet.

The Banabae vibe:

The coolest people at a 70s disco - they would shop Bananabae! Funky, groovy - all of the best bits of the best era,

7. ULO Australia

ULO Kids is a unique line of playful African wax baby clothes made with cotton prints and vibrant colours designed to encourage kids to feel bold and confident as they navigate their way through the adventures of life.

The collection is made using limited edition African cotton wax prints sourced by a team from local sustainable artisans in Ghana, Tanzania and Nigeria.

All of ULO's products are designed and made in Australia.

The ULO Australia vibe:

Ethically-made, earthy, considered and smile-envoking clothing for babies and kids.

Shop the best of ULO Australia:

8. Peggy

Peggy is named after the Melbourne designer's grandmother, and aims to keep an air of 'old fashioned whimsicality' in its gorgeous designs. The range features dresses, pants, nappy covers and hats - all of which can be mixed and matched for a quirky boho effect.

The Peggy vibe:

Floral, feminine, with a beautiful boho, vintage twist. Just like your Nana used to wear - in the best way,

Shop the best of Peggy:

9. Mini Folk

Mini Folk is the baby clothing love label of mums and friends Anika and Alice who share a passion for quality, ethically and sustainably produced pieces that are both stylish and comfortable. Mini Folk was created for adventurous little ones who love exploring this magical world with salt in their hair, sand between their toes and the warm sun on their face. Each piece is designed with love in Bondi Beach.

The Mini Folk vibe:

Beachy, salty, sand-between-their-toes and sea breeze in their hair. That's the vibe.

Shop the best of the Mini Folk:

10. Hemp Gallery

The Hemp Gallery Bubba Hemp Collection of baby clothing has everything from blankets and wraps to wash cloths, clothes and toys so you have everything for a zero-waste, sustainable and eco-conscious baby.

The Hemp Gallery vibe:

Eco-warrior, sustainability-minded and free. Perfect for those who also love a bit of a luxury feel.

Shop the best of the Hemp Gallery:

11. Organicline

Organicline is a boutique baby clothing label for the little minimalists. Their design is a reflection of original and simplified early childhood. Every piece is slowly designed by hand sketches and mindfully crafted from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

The Organicline vibe:

Minimalist, Scandi style. Neutral colours with minimal prints. Fantastic, classic pieces of clothing for baby, suitable for both genders.

Shop the best of Organicline:

12. Ninthe

Ninthe. Baby clothing made for everyday comfort with a minimal aesthetic for your mini humans. Inspired by neutral tones and the art of simplicity. Designed in Sydney, Australia.

The Ninthe vibe:

Effortless, minimalistic, everyday clothes for baby that are chic and stylish without being in-your-face.

Shop the best of Ninthe:

13. Anarkid

Anarkid is not your typical baby clothing label.

They are fashion activists, inspiring social and environmental change through well-crafted, sustainable clothing for kids aged newborn to 12 years.

Since they started in 2013, they’ve encouraged free thinking, a love of art and responsible production.

Known for their bold sense of humour and daring prints, they never stray from their core values of confidence, creativity, transparency and rebellion.

The Anarkid vibe:

What cool mums and dads wear - but in miniature. This is streetwear for kids reimagined. If only they came in my size.

Shop the best of Anarkid:

14. her hands

her hands have built their business around a people first supply chain. The products (and baby clothes) are all made under fair trade principles. A key component of which is that all of the artisans are paid a fair price, that they set - and her hands don't negotiate.

her hands work to ensure their products use eco friendly materials – organic, where possible. They offset their carbon footprint in shipping products from overseas. They ship to you in compostable satchels and are focused on working with their partners to reduce plastic throughout supply.

The her hands vibe:

Sustainable, considered, gorgeous, one-of-a-kind pieces that you'll keep forever.

Shop the best of her hands:

15. The Young Folk Collective

The Young Folk Collective consists of baby and children's clothing that hold a story, a collection of tradition, passion and purpose - skilled hands working together using thoughtful processes for the good of people and our  planet.

Inspired by nature.

Timeless, effortless, comfy and unique, each garment is designed to support adventure and play; for the special occasions and the everyday.

Consciously designed in Brisbane, Australia.

Ethically & sustainably handmade - using natural and organic fibres and low impact, non-toxic dyes.

For free spirited folk.

The Young Folk Collective vibe:

Effortlessly cool, sepia-toned. Takes the best bits of Palm Springs and the coolest Western flicks and rolls them into one perfect collection.

Shop the best of The Young Folk Collective:

16. Fiola Rose Swim

Fiola Rose Swim's designs, colours and silhouettes that are classic and timeless. No bright, busy patterns in sight, with Fiola Rose Swim it’s all about supportive designs that fit properly to the body and inspire a beautiful aesthetic, with designs that match mums, dads and minis.

See our full write-up on the brand, here!

The Fiola Rose Swim vibe:

Simple in an effortlessly cool way. Single-use pastels in flattering cuts, these pieces are designed to be on trend and last for many seasons to come.

Shop the best of Fiola Rose Swim:

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Choose from thousands of products from hundreds of brands. We have your best baby products all under one roof!


The One Fine Baby team are first and foremost mums - between us we have 14 children, and decades of experience in all things bump, baby and beyond. We regularly bring together our tried, researched and recommended products in a review style format such as this post. The articles include some paid inclusions which goes to helping us keep our audiences informed on the top products happening right here, right now in the parenting space. Please be sure that no product will ever be included in our articles, paid or otherwise, if it doesn’t deserve to be there.

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