By dreamers for dreamers. By people who love a lazy Saturday, a long lunch, turning houses into homes, friends into family… and never ever bothering to keep up with the Joneses. Introducing Jaynie and Nathan from Blacklist….

When the news came across our desks that Blacklist are launching a range for children we felt like they must have been listening in on our conversations!! We have long been huge fans of this dynamic duo and know that their talent will translate beautifully into a range for children.

With two gorgeous children themselves Jaynie and Nathan are an inspiration for all of us business owners out there juggling the paper work in between park dates!

Huge thanks to Jaynie for devoting some of her precious time to answering our questions below. Keep your eyes on their website and instagram for details of the launch of the Blacklist For Kids range. Hooray!blacklsit-loveclub-02-xlarge


What is your favourite way to spend time as a family?

We love doing just about anything and everything together. We swim pretty much every day and I live for Dance O’Clock (pretty self explanatory right?)

and nights out are great….We’ve just started ‘final fridays’ with a group of friends where we take turns at hosting dinners on the last Friday of every month. It’s a fun way when lives get busy to know we are all going to have a hang together (without the kids) at least once a month…


What’s for dinner?

So we don’t tend to eat dinner altogether, we eat breakfast at the same time and hang out then. At dinner time we all sit around and have a picnic on the floor while Willow eats her dinner and Dare has his milky (he’s 11 weeks old)….Willow has the same thing every week, it helps me be organised…Every few weeks I change it up, but at the moment it is:

* Crumbed chicken and mash Mondays

* Salmon Cakes on Tuesdays

* Salmon & Shells on Wednesday

* Make Your Own Pizza on Thursdays

* Sushi Fun Friday

* Saturday is Sandwich Surprise

and Sunday is special like fish fingers or crumbed cutlets….


What is your go to bedtime story?
We have a few: ‘Willow’s Whispers’, ‘The Places You’ll Go’, ‘We’ll Paint the Octopus Red’ and any Little Miss/Mr Men book

What inspires you?
Fashion, poetry and nature are my biggest inspirations in my work

Positive people are pure joy to me….and (last one, promise) old aged lovers, the ones who have loved each other in their youth and seemingly still do.
blacklist-heartThanks so much for taking the time to chat with us Jaynie. All the best for the launch of the new range.

Much love,
Team One Fine Baby xoxo