Body Beyond Birth guides you through a 12-week, Pilates-based exercise program designed by Becky Dyer, a physiotherapist and mother of two, and Jackie Steele, a former HR manager at a global company and mother of three. The BBB program features workout videos, coaching, nutritional guides and an online community to connect you with other mothers. With 3 specific intensity levels to choose from, Body Beyond Birth is a tailored, safe, effective and an easy way for you to get into shape without even leaving your home. 

We chat to Jackie and Becky below:

BBB Blog 1

What is your favourite way to spend time with the kids?

Jackie – Anything active and outdoors – with 3 boys we like burning energy!

Becky – my favorite time with my girls is when we are catching waves! It’s so fun to hi 5 when we are riding the same wave in!

BBB Blog 6

Who inspires you?

JackieMy kids inspire me to be a better version of “me” each day

Becky- I think the most inspiring people are those people that are happy with the small amount they’ve got and go on to be successful despite the odds.

BBB Blog 7

What’s for breakfast?

Jackie – Our family favourite is an omelette. The ingredients vary depending on what we have in the fridge

Becky – Oohhh I love a cooked breakfast of fried eggs, asparagus, spinach and avocado.

What’s your favourite bedtime story?

Jackie – The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton

Becky- Goodnight Moon

BBB Blog 2

What’s your favourite thing to bake?

Jackie – A Queen Pudding – it’s an old fashioned recipe with so many parts to it like various layers of fruit, the base and a meringue layer to top it off. It reminds me of baking with my grandma.

Becky- My baking faves are American icons, it’s a dead tie for brownies and chocolate chip cookies…with lots and lots of walnuts.

BBB Blog 4

What is your go to remedy for a tantrum?

Jackie – Don’t focus on the tantrum. Immediately deflect your child’s attention to something else.

Becky – Hmmm it’s tough love in our house, they get one warning to stop over reacting then if they don’t sort themselves out independently the item is taken away or they’re by my side put to work on a job for mum!

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Check out more details about Body Beyond Birth’s program on their website here.