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After returning home to Melbourne, the founders of Make Me Iconic, immediately fell in love with the City again. Melbourne has so much to offer that is unique and they wanted something in their home that brought those elements to life. They knew that they weren’t the only ones that love the City so they began making a small range of Melbourne Souvenirs & Gifts. Designed for locals and tourists alike Make Me Iconic’s range of Melbourne Souvenirs capture the essence of the City and give it the style and sophistication it deserves. Great for gifts, homesick expats or just a treat for yourself.

Make Me Iconic take on an entirely new tack on designer homewares, toys and premium Australian Souvenirs & Gifts. They produce high quality and iconic gifts that people enjoy, connect with and want to talk about. Their goal is to bring the unsung icons of Australia and its cities to life and into people's homes. At the same time their products aim to enlighten you by providing facts about the icons of the city and what makes them so special and iconic.

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