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14 June, 2022

Bunnie Caddie: the one nursery essential that does the job of many

If there was a single bugbear certain to plague all new parents around the globe at least once, I know I could tell you what it is. 

Let me set the scene for you: you’ve just set the baby down, stripped off their onesie, undone the nappy, gone to reach for the wipes - and woah! No wipes. Not within arms reach anyway. You’re stuck. You’ve got to pick the crying baby back up, hold them as they try to squirm out of your grasp and race around the house trying to put your hands on some wipes. It’s an added stress no new parent needs - and one they don’t have to endure - as long as they’ve got the right gear!

Enter, Bunnie Caddie.

Why is Bunnie Caddie such a must-have for all new parents?

The Bunnie Caddie is an epic all-in-one bag and organiser that features handy compartments for everything you need to change and cater to your baby. Throw your wipes in one compartment, nappies in another, there’s space for nappy rash cream, a thermometer, singlets and a change of clothes. You’ve also got room for things like dummies, teethers, rattles and toys, burp cloths, face washers, swaddles and wraps. The Bunnie Caddie allows you to have everything you could possibly need within arms reach wherever you may be.

How can Bunnie Caddie be everywhere you are?

Each Bunnie Caddie comes complete with stylish faux leather handles and a two-tone shoulder strap, which allows you to whisk your essentials from one room to the next, without having to mull over what you might need, or gather it all up to juggle it to the other room. The Bunnie Caddie takes the place of traditional nappy drawers and change table pockets, that would only allow space for a few essentials, and were kept stationary in a single room.

Why is the Bunnie Caddie design so important?

The sectional nature of the Bunnie Caddie means that whatever you need is easy to find. You’ll never have to go rooting around for a teether or nappy rash cream, because the nine compartments are shallow, wide and easy to access. There are also three removable dividers that can be used to support and organise your products as you prefer. Bunnie Caddie’s felt material means that it’s soft to touch, and the neutral tones make it a stunning decor item for any nursery.

So, don’t let losing the dummy for the 48th time in a day get you down. Get organised with a chic and reliable nursery essential, which also doubles as the perfect gift for parents-to-be. They won’t even realise how much they’ll love it - until they do.

Want more Bunnie in your life?

Bunnie Caddie have recently expanded the collection to include stylish matching Change Mats and Bunnie Bags - the perfect messenger-style baby bag, both featuring their signature bunny quilting.

Shop Bunnie Caddie online now at One Fine Baby and earn rewards points for every dollar spent.

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